This Is Why Indians Are Happy Leaving India

Culture, heritage, army, festivals, there are many things to cheer about or take pride in, being an Indian and living in India. But then, why Indians leave India to settle down in other countries, despite the fact that they love and are attached to this place so much.
Recently we have heard the controversial news that Indian superstar Amir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao wants to leave India as she feels intolerance is growing in India. People are realizing that India is becoming uninhabitable with the rise in intolerance, pollution, population, corruption, poor infrastructure, lazy attitude of the system, uncertain tax environment, well the list is long which pushes people to leave India.

Leave India: Amir Khan
Amir Khan

You will be shocked to know that more than 65,000 millionaires have left India in the past 15 years over security concerns, high taxes, and better educations opportunities for their children, according to New World Health, a global wealth consulting firm.
The entire infrastructure system in India seems like it is still stuck in 1800s as the state and local government is still rife in caste-based and self-serving politics and it will need another 50-70 years for it to get comparable to any other developed nation.
Leave India: reservation system in India
reservation system in India

The ugly caste-reservation system doesn’t have any place for merit-based selection. It truly hurts when we see that India is the only place where people fight and protest to be called as a backward class.
It is saddening to see the people who are the defenders of the law, break law themselves and people who are appointed to protect the civilians, instead of protecting the law we hear the news of civilians getting looted and raped by the protectors itself. People don’t even care to help a victim of an accident or a crime and giving way to an ambulance has never been their cup of tea. Rather they enjoy the show on the middle of the road.
Leave India: Air pollution
air pollution

The issue of air pollution in India is not new and fuelwood/biomass burning, vehicle emission, traffic congestions, industrial emissions are the major role players in this game. The severity of the situation can be analysed by the fact that the air pollution levels in 15 out of 17 Indian cities, where National Air Quality Index (NAQI) stations are present, have exceeded the prescribed standards.
Being the second most populous country in the world with 1.31 billion people, India is suffering from many issues such as unemployment, traffic congestion, lack of food and other basic resources etc. Currently in every minute, there are about 51 births in this country.
Leave India: Traffic
Traffic in India

Both the education system and the work culture is a lot better in countries such as US and UK than in India. Also, the life gets more convenient and smooth once you land in these developed countries, which makes them leave their country. People in this country may find it difficult to educate their kids and give them satisfying jobs or a perspective of improvement and empowerment.
Despite of all these problems and inconvenience faced by the citizens of India, the country is worth living for because Indians will not get a taste of those aloo ke paranthe, different colors of festivals, Indian weddings full of drama and emotions, rich Indian culture and rituals that you can’t get anywhere else in this world.
If you want to describe in a sentence I would say that “you might have to face a lot of issues here, but your life can never become grey or boring in India.” Every place has some positives and negatives to talk about but sooner or later you realise that you can be the happiest person of the world living only where your roots are.
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