Indians Are Being Deported From America … Find Out Why ???

What actually happened?

In recent news, close to Christmas, 20 Indian students who had a connecting flight to US were held up at Abu Dhabi airport for the pre-clearance immigration check. The matter of shame arose when the students were questioned rigorously and even asked off-the-record questions. All of these were having valid visas and the permission to travel all along.
These 20 students felt more like hostages when they were sidelined by the Abu Dhabi airport authorities and were questioned about the reason of their travel. The matter went out of hands when a few inappropriate questions were raised in front of them. These students were asked to define the dress of the air hostess of the plane they took from India to Abu Dhabi. Other than this, the students were questioned if they had been drinking during the flight, or were drunkards of any manner.

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After this intense questioning round, the students were made to sign a document which contained a series of normal questions that the airport authorities were allowed to ask but had no mention about the questions that they actually asked. After holding them for as much as 16 hours, the visas of the students were cancelled and they were sent back to Hyderabad, the place from where they came from. To add to the misery, the students were forced to sign a letter stating that they voluntarily take their name back from being admitted to the Universities.
The letter, having no mentioned reason whatsoever stated, “I understand that my admissibility is questioned for the above reasons, which I have read or have been read out to me in the English language. I request that I be permitted to withdraw my application for admission and return abroad. I understand that my voluntary withdrawal of my application for admission is in lieu of a formal determination concerning my admissibility.”

What was the stated reason?


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On being asked as to why these students were deported, Etihad Airways stated that they had received communications from US Customs and Border Protection to stop students from heading to their respective Universities. The students were given no reason whatsoever before being sent back. It has been evident that a couple of Universities of United States that have been admitting Indian students at a high pace have been held under question by the authorities of the States. The authorities also said that these Universities have been blacklisted from the records and hence, the students trying to enter these varsities were being restricted. But nevertheless, the authorities of Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont and Silicon Valley University, San Jose defy being blacklisted from any records. As a matter of fact, they also have provided eminent proofs of admitting students with a valid study visa in the recent times, and have called this all as Indian delegates spreading rumors about them.
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It is also evident that a few days back, 30 Indian students that landed on San Francisco and had a joining letter to one of these Universities were also deported back to the country. Following this, Air India also stopped 14 students from boarding their flights from New Delhi airport, and stated the same reason as Etihad Airways did. It is a matter of shame that Indians are being humiliated in front of the world and are not being given any prominent reason for that. The Universities defying being blacklisted and the airport authorities and US Customs and Border Protection being silent on this matter is just proving that the stereotypes have ruled their mind! Is this what the world has come up to?

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