Indian Parents Behaviour On Arrival Of Guests

They say “Guests are human form of God.” The statement is meant to be figurative but Indian parents take this too literally. When Indian parents get the news that a few guest will be coming to their house, they might repent for a moment or two for the extra heads they will have to feed, but soon enough, they get an adrenaline rush.

Indian parents start preparing for the arrival of those guests a month prior to the arrival , and in all that time, the scenario is worth watching. A few instances as to how Indian parents behave on arrival of guests are mentioned below.

1. Dust EVERYTHING Clean

Yeah! This does happen in every Indian family that when guests have to arrive, the children of the house are asked to dust everything clean. Window panes, glasses, book shelves, furniture, tables, in short everything is cleaned up. Even the ceiling fans that haven’t been cleaned in ages are also cleaned up just for the sake of a good impression on those guests.

2. Become a Gardener Overnight

No one cares about the extra bushes that start growing in the house lawn or the small garden inside the house but as soon as the sound of guests arriving reach the ears of the father of the house, he becomes an overnight gardener and starts pretending as if he really cares about those extra bushes and weeds growing in the lawn. Typical Indian behavior!

3. Add “Samosas” to the Party

A visit to any Indian family won’t be complete without a meal of those mind-freakishly yummy”samosas”. As soon as the guests arrive, the first question they will be asked is, “What will you guys have? Samosas?” And the trouble lands in the laps of the child of the family as they have to rush and get those samosas packed. They are served with hot tea and the guests rejoice over that carb-filled diet.

4. Children become Performers

Children become Performers - Indian parents
Children become Performers

As the parents and the guests are deep lost in conversation, the children of the house are called up and made to perform a dance number without music. Showcasing the kids’ forced talent seems to be a weird custom but has become a ritual in Indian families and the kids have no choice but to perform in front of those guests.

5. Indian Parents And The Vicious Money Circle

The Vicious Money Circle - Indian parents
The Vicious Money Circle

This is another custom in Indian families. When the guests are about to leave, they hand over some amount of money to the children as a token of “shagun” or a symbol for bringing good omens. But this gifting of the amount soon turns into a cold war where the parents of the children start telling the kid not to accept the money but the kid is being forced by the guests to accept that amount. A tough decision for the kid to make!

 And well, after the guests have left, everything reverts back to the normal boring routine that was being followed a few days back!