Indian Parents And Their Relationship With Money

4. They think you have no respect for money.

They think you have no respect for money.

“Paiso ki izzat krna seekho.” (Learn how to respect money!). This is their favorite dialogue; they think that children only know how to waste money.

5. They love teaching you science.

They love teaching you science.

“Paise ped pe nhi ugte.” (Money doesn’t grow on trees.) Arey, when did we say it did? We’re tired of hearing this again and again, and wish they will come up with something new instead.

6. They think you will never get a good job.

They think you will never get a good job.

Indian parents basically think you’re gonna suffer in the future, that’s why they never fail to warn you, “Jab khud kamayoge na, tab pta chalega.” (When you will earn then you will get to know). So, they think that your degree is going to be useless and you will be struggling for money. So, they should stop bothering us for studying too, no?

7. You will always be too young for them.

“Beta thore bade ho jayo, itne paiso ka kya karoge?” (Dear, at this age, you don’t need this much money.). Price of items is not proportional to the age of the buyer, it’s a simple fact they will never understand. Don’t they know that these days even stuff for babies cost a fortune?

8. They always have a tight budget.

Want a new dress? “Sorry, we’re a bit tight this month.” Want to go to a concert? “Sorry, we’re a bit tight this month.” BUT, new curtains for the house? Done. Ab budget tight nhi hai? (Now the budget is not tight?). They only have money when they need to buy something for themselves, otherwise, they’re always out of money! What is this magical wallet?

9. They’re best at making you feel guilty.

Indian parents have a way with their words and they will always be able to make you feel bad about asking money from them. “Tumhare papa itni mushkil se paise kamate hai.” (Your father earns this money after so much of hard-work!). We know that and we’re thankful for it too, but is it necessary to remind us every single time?

10. Indian parents never fail to make you feel privileged.

“Kisi aur ke parents karte hai yeh sab? Koi aur ni karta itna apne bacho ke liye.” (Does anybody else do this much for their kids? Nobody does it.)

Indian parents just love to feel that they’re the only good parents here!