No Money At A Restaurant – What Will You Do?

No Money? That’s what you realize after you have finished the dessert after a french-style meal? Blistering Barnacles! Then you need to either run away. Otherwise you might end up in jail or might have to do the dishes in the restaurant’s kitchen. Well, yes you are in a soup. But the question still remains – what can you do about it? Come on, use your brains.

No Money
Eating Out

Got the answer? Yes, that’s it!

No Money – Here’s What You Could Do Logically Yourself

It’s important to be calm and not lose your mind. Gather some courage and follow the following steps

  • The first thing you can do is to let the manager know about your situation. Tell him that you’re going home to get money. Do tell him you’re going to be back. you’ll. Give him your address or your phone number.
  • Offer to leave any of the valuable things you could leave as security. It could be your watch or your smartphone. Whatever assures the owner, will be fine for you.
No Money
It’s Time To Pay The Bill

No Money – Get Help From Others

  • Call a friend who lives nearby. He/she should be helpful enough to let you out of this tight spot. If he/she can drive to the restaurant and bring along some cash and you can pay your bill. Do remember to thank the friend profusely. After all, he helped you out of a tight spot.
  • Mobile payment systems are popular these days. Most of the restaurants and have these payment options enabled. So this is not much of a problem anymore.

No Money – Here Are The Impractical Solutions

  • Hypnotize the waiter or waitress, whoever was serving you. Then order them to pay the money.
  • Bring out the .38 out of your pocket, and hold the richest looking guest hostage, until your bill is not paid.
  • Seduce the owner. Look into his eyes and put a little, grab him/her by the collar and do a sexy dance with him. If he’she doesn’t agree at this, then I don’t know what would convince him/her.
  • Trade off your Gucci/Armani tuxedo with the restaurant owner. Even if you have to go back in your underwear, at least you could save your dignity.
  • Be prepared to trade of your Rolex. Curse your bloody belly which made you have a cheap meal, and made you lose your Rolex.
  • Bring out the cockroaches in your pocket and drop it in the dish. Create a scene by telling the restaurant staff that you’re gonna sue them. So what you are not rich enough to pay for the meal. At least you have the capability to screw off innocent guys who feed jerks like you.
  • Get prepared to wash the dishes.

No Money
Screw ‘Em If You Can

So what will you do the next time you are unable to pay at the restaurant.