If You Can Relate To These Signs Then Woman In Your Life Is Certainly Using You

Understanding a woman is surely considered to be one of the most difficult tasks for men, isn’t it? Women are those deep kinda mysteries who have heaps of deep hidden secrets, desires and most of all complications. I don’t really blame men when they end up using the word complicated for women every now and then, well women are that kinda, nothing to deny in it.
In our hypocrite society, we generally act really judgemental in case of bonds and relationships. As in whatever goes wrong or whenever it comes to talking it being manipulative or maybe using the significant other for own good, we always make straight judgements that man must be wrong. I even being a woman don’t agree. Even a woman can be manipulative and can use a man for their own good. After all she can be wrong too.
So here are signs saying she is using you-


She needs-you reach, you need-she is nowhere

Man talking 

So that’s how it goes, she needs you at any point of time, during the rain or at midnight, you are always there but on the contrary when it’s you who is in need of talking or probably meeting she is somehow always busy.