Being Pregnant Is Not That Easy After All… The Huge Belly And A Lot More Comes Along With It


Wearing socks and shoes with that cute big belly

The only option you have is to have a pair of slip-on with you, all the time or make someone tie the shoe for you.

Choosing baby name, makes you realize how many people you hate

Suddenly you start hating your own favorite actor’s name because you read something negative about them and then you have no clue what to call your child!



No Shave Till The Product Comes Out

No shave November for men and no shave 4 months for women!

The Baby Starts Footballing And Wrestling

You start expecting your kid to be either Marry Kom or Messi and their practice sessions within your womb give you fits already.

Stretch Marks

And this is the time when women start feeling so fucking insecure, they try every possible thing to prevent having stretch marks and yes, the hubbies better be supportive!