I Was In Tears When I Saw It; A Cop Soothing A Dying Horse!!

You know how heart breaking it is when you lose a friend. I have seen people in shambles, when they are aggrieved by the loss of a loved one. It is far more shattering when the person in question is loyal to you. You feel that the whole world has come down crashing over you and it takes days and even years to recover from such tragic incident. This loyal person need not be a human being, but it could even be your pet animal. Looking at a dying horse or any other animal in its last moments is quite devastating.
Today we bring you a video where you see a mare in her last moments. She is being comforted by her rider as she sees life slip away. What is more saddening is that the police officer refuses to leave her side even as the traffic is passing the two souls by the roadside.
Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

The entire incident of the dying horse

The mare, Charlotte had been employed by the HPD (Houston Police Department) four years ago and had been a part of the barefoot patrolling team. She was rated as the best pets in the force and served loyally for the duration she was in service.
What actually happened, she was on the road and was frightened by the traffic. The vehicle involved in this incident was a cement truck which spooked her and she ran amok. She was then hit by a speeding car. Her hind two legs were badly damaged, and the vets decided to euthanize her. As she was being engulfed in death, her rider, officer De Herrejon, became emotional, and lay beside the horse. He put an arm around her neck as the mare passed away.
Melancholy isn’t it? What do you think about it?