I Was Astonished By His Bravery – Man Saves Tiger Cub From Poacher’s Snare!!

There’s a lot of wildlife sprucing all around us, especially tigers. But in the twenty first century, there are so many encroachments, that the wildlife is left reeling for cover. Most of the time, there isn’t anywhere left for a tiger to hide. With a depleted cover, the fauna has to find itself a new home. But there too lies a problem – Poachers. Poachers are those cruel people who hunt wild animals for their hide and parts which reap a rich profit in the market.
Image Source: www.globalgiving.org
Tiger’s skin is one of the hides that are always in demand. Now tigers are wild animals who rule the jungle. They are extremely dangerous and can cause serious damage to junglefolk and humans alike. Tigers feed on herbivores, but when there is shortage of flesh, they can turn man-eaters too. That’s the way they behave – dominant in every way.  The best part is that they are versatile. They can climb trees much higher than lions, though not as high as leopards. Their attack strategy is quite cool. They are good at pouncing. When they pounce on their prey, they are absolutely still and then…….. ka-pow, bulls-eye, and that would make a nice dinner.
But poachers are more dangerous. What makes them so cruel is the fact that they too are struggling from the lack of work. Due to the rising unemployment in countries which have a rich wildlife, poaching is quite aggressive. Due to the perennial shortage of supply of animal skins, poachers use the latest technology to ensnare these innocent critters.

Rescue operation of the ensnared tiger cub

In this post you will see how a tiger cub is trapped in a snare. The man and his team initiate a rescue operation. But the scared tiger simply won’t allow them to free him. Maybe he thinks that they are going to harm it in some way. The man pins him to the ground and tries tirelessly to rescue it. Finally, they manage to get the cable wire noose off him. What happens next? The cub waits for some time and scampers off. In the end the cub is united with his mother. We shed a tear or two when we saw the ending, but it was followed by a big smile on our faces.
Here’s the entire incident on Video
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