She Panicked On Reading The Name. The Reason Scared The Crap Out Of The Delivery Boy

I read out her his name from the Credit Card Receipt. This girl then loses her shit and starts having a panic attack. Apparently, she did not have a boyfriend.

Have you ever ordered pizza for your girlfriend? Of course, you might have done it a million times. Me too, I love ordering food for her and the way she thanks me when I do so. But what if somebody’s girlfriend hadn’t ordered the pizza? What if the guy who ordered pizza wasn’t the boyfriend either? That sounds creepy to me.
Now here’s a scary story involving a pizza delivery guy, a stalker who places pizza orders for his girlfriend and an innocent girl who apparently likes pizza, but she would never order one in her life after this incident.

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“I work at a restaurant and I cover many roles. My favorite one is delivering the food, since it allows me a chance to engage people and use my personality to get tips.
Last summer, we had a tough time finding full time delivery drivers who could pass a drugs test; so about eighty percent of my time was spent on the road and quite a few deliveries of mine were to local college campuses.
I took an order for a young man who wanted to buy a meal for his girlfriend. He gave me her name and what dorm she resided in. He paid for the pizza with his credit card and the phone call was a standard delivery request. Things did get weird though, when I showed up at the dorm and the girl was nowhere to be found.
Her Research Associates told me that she wasn’t in the room and eventually, one of the other girls in the building told me she was in class. I called the guy’s phone number to tell him and he just blew me off. No big deal though, because he had already paid for the food. So really, all I had lost out on was a tip and some time out of my day.
A few days later, this guy calls up again, placing an order, same deal. So I ask him if she is sure whether his girlfriend is there this time. He says yes, he is positive that she is in her dorm. So I make the food and drive over to the campus. The girl isn’t waiting in the lobby like she said she would be. So I have an RA run up to her. The girl makes her way down, eventually, and then tells me she didn’t place an order. I tell her there’s no problem, because her boyfriend ordered for her and I read out her his name from the Credit Card Receipt. This girl then loses her shit and starts having a panic attack. Apparently, she did not have a boyfriend and the guy in question had been stalking her since high school. He had managed to follow her to a different state where she wanted to attend college.

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She had no idea how he had found her and figured out where she lived. She was upset. Now he knew when she was in her building and when she wasn’t.
I tried to calm her down but a RA saw her freak out and called campus security. I had to deal with them for the next hour. The guy who placed the order would not answer any calls.
A week passes without any call from that creep. Then the guy calls up again asking to deliver the pizza at the same address. This time he asked if one of us could pick flowers for her. I put him on hold and grabbed our GM. He answered the creep saying that none of his orders would be accepted now or in the future. The GM even told that he would notify the police if he tries to harass anyone using our store again.
This happened a year ago and he hasn’t called again since our GM scared him away. However, we would get orders placed through the internet for this girl with creepy messages on them, for months. We deleted the orders many times, but that bastard was persistent.
Update: So our GM comes out to help me during late night rush. I ask him this. He has no clue whether the girl was able to press charges against him. But someone who used to work for him at a different store knew the creep. Apparently, the guy ran out of cash and moved back to his parent’s house. This guy was finally out of state. This was a couple of months after the incident occurred.
I guess we had the orders placed online because he had to move out of state. He didn’t have a cellphone. Either way, he was a long way away from this girl. I assume she was able to finish college in relative peace.”
This is the end of the story. Your hair’s standing on its end?
Wait, I have somebody at the door. It’s a pizza delivery guy. I have a pizza delivery. Wait, I didn’t order a pizza. Who sent it to me? Do you have the name of the person who placed the order? It’s Mr…………Aarghhhh!!!!
Next time you have a pizza delivery, think again.