I Was Shocked To Learn How The Hospitals Are Screwing With Us…

How do you feel when you are ripped off? I know how it feels since I have been conned many a times. Each and every time I get swindled, I promise myself that I would get street smart. But that never happens. You wonder why? That’s because they thugs are smarter than me. They strike you at the unlikeliest places. And it’s not limited to small time crooks, even big players do it. You wouldn’t even know if they did it in front of you.

1. Gassed out by Chip companies

Did you know the bag of potato chips you are eating have more gas in them than they should? No silly, I am not talking about stomach disorders, I am pointing out to the air in the bags. These companies fill in more air than the chips. The air –to- chip- weight ratio will prove the point. What you are getting is more less than you actually deserve. No wonder they are making so much money.
Open bag of potatoe chips, Kartoffelchips

2. Getting screwed by the lawyer

Do you know about the Real Jackpot of a Lottery Company? Be it your divorce or an accident, the lawyers will overcharge in every corner to acquit you of. Now you know that cons are not always behind bars, they exist in the free world also. Even the judge who gives disburses justice has an over-inflated bill.

Image Source: www.wisebread.com

3. Pawn shops make a pawn out of you – They’re the Kings of Con

Ever brought a relic from a pawn shop? Yes, you have. What did you buy, Elvis’ Guitar? Yeah! How would you know Elvis played the critter? It has all the bearings you must have seen on Elvis’ instruments. Well, it is a ploy to drain off some of your hard earned money. It could very well be a fake. Even if it isn’t, it has been bought at less than half of the price. Even if you are the master of negotiation, there’s a big chance you would end up losing some money here.

Image Source: www.digital-photo-secrets.com

4. Repair shops screw your wallet

Repair shops play the posse when it comes to ripping you off. Well you brought in the car for a minor repair, but hey, the brake oil needed a change. Even the engine needed some lubrication. Slowly the number of minor repairs keeps on piling up and so does the billing. In the end, you pay a lot more than you imagined. What should you do? Learn a bit about cars, so that you can steer the mechanic around. Otherwise purchase a diagnostic tool.

^948790BBF53A94878A97117943CE4884DE349FE2998A129C87^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrImage Source: blog.plymouthrocknj.com

5. Phone companies call you a Dork

You liked the new iPhone in the series? You want it? Then why don’t you buy it for free? Yes, the smartphone manufacturing company actually promotes the catchphrase, “Buy Free or Low EMI”, so that they can sell their products at a higher price. So the 1500 USD phone actually sells for 2000 USD. At the end of two years, you ought to sell the phone otherwise you did get sucked deeper into the honey-trap.

^2824B5C507F0D0940395ACB8E487D823AE5AD1CB63DEB3249E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrImage Source: www.cbs8.com

6. Car Dealership ‘used’ you as a ‘new’ fool

Buying a used car? Well, how much did you shell out? A thousand dollars, did you say? Then the used car dealer must have bought it at seven hundred flat. But you didn’t know that, did you? Then how do the car dealers know it. They are the insiders, silly.

xnidd6rkn2k2pkzdc1hqImage Source: lifehacker.com

7. Insurance companies protect your money for themselves

Insurance money saves your ass when you’re screwed. In polite words, you insure money for bad times or perils and hazards, as they say in the insurer’s language. But did you know, what happens when the times aren’t bad? Then the insurers take away the prize.

^129E05FBC9B3A5DA346D1DF6BCA84EF46A6354FD89FF3ACA1F^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrImage Source: www.motherjones.com

8. Hospitals operate on your money – not you

Did you ever look at your Hospital bill? Just look at the entries. Did you see the things they charge you for? What, they charged you a hundred dollar bill for shaving? Oh my God, that’s simply too much. There are a lot of entries like this. If your government doesn’t compel you to buy insurance, then you’d get ripped off. Thank God, we have insurance in the US of A, otherwise I would be begging on the streets after a surgery.

^3F64BC0DAD72EBA29E434F9A2B7A7108813F97B6FB90C8414A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrImage Source: archive.clarionledger.com

9. Diamonds are the seller’s best friend to rip you off

Did you say you wanted diamond for your wedding? Otherwise you would be labeled as cheapskate? Then you’d better think again and change your girl’s thinking. Once you buy a diamond and step out of a shop, you’d slapped with thirty percent depreciation. To promote the sales of diamonds, sellers in 1930s spent a lot in advertising. This got a great response and became deep rooted in our culture. Looking at the present day scenario, I am forced to think that the strategy was very good.
Round cut diamonds on black

10. Lottery Companies Win The Ultimate Jackpot

If you think you won the jackpot, then think again. What were the odds of you winning, probably one in millions. Then the next two winners get a portion of the money. But what about the rest who didn’t make the cut. Better luck next time, guys. What’s more interesting is the profit being pocketed by the lottery company. Suppose a lottery ticket costs around five dollars. Then how much do you think the company earned? Millions. The more the number of jackpots, the more they earn. In a nutshell, it is the best investment scheme. Best thing of all, its legal.

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Next time, be on a look out for scammers.