Real Ghosts Caught In The Camera Recording !!

I’ve seen a lot of ghosts in my life. I wondered whether other people experienced the same thing. After all, there’s no shortage of paranormal stuff. So I started researching on such activities. There were a few abandoned places which were said to be haunted, but at the end of the day, these stories turned out to be fake. They had no evidence to support the claim.
There are a lot of unexplained phenomenon in this universe, but why wasn’t I getting a single trace of such happenings. I was flabbergasted to see such stuff over the internet. In fact, in some of these clips, I was able to see the ghost clearly in the recordings. If you do not believe me, then read the report and have a look at the clips.

1. Paranormal Activity Caught On Cam#1 (Yes, there is a ghost in the camera)

The Ghost At The Wingate Hotel

On September 14, 2003, paranormal activity was noticed in the hotel. The hotel staff could clearly hear a lot of screaming in the room. This security camera footage has been taken at Wingate Hotel in Illinois. The guests at this hotel began calling the front desk with complaints of noise especially loud screaming coming from the second floor. The room in question was 209. You see hotel staff entering the room. He reports that the room is in shambles.
There were no previous incidents related to the room to confirm paranormal activity. According to our research, the video is hundred percent genuine and there has been no editing involved.  This video went viral. Further investigation by police, revealed that over the years, multiple complaints of shrill screams were reported to be coming from room number 209. I don’t know about you all, but my soul is destroyed for sure.

2. Paranormal Activity Caught On Cam#2

The Malaysian Hotel Ghost Attack

I loved this video for sure. In a hotel in Malaysia, paranormal activities were reported. Though most of the people label it as a hoax, this video is original. You will not believe what you see in the video. There are two clips recorded by security cameras. In one clip, you see the hotel image moving without anybody actually pushing it. You even see the door shut behind. There is a ghost in the camera recording.
The second part of the video footage is scarier. A woman is seated in a hall room, when plastic chairs around her starts moving all of a sudden. As she tries to flee the room, all the furniture in the room piles up on the door, all by itself. The woman’s head hit the table lying sideways and she loses consciousness.

3. Paranormal Activity Caught On Cam#3

Poltergeist Caught On TV

This incident was reported in Manchester. On 1st November 2012, an office security camera recording showed supernatural activity. CCTVs from several locations in the office showed things happening on its own. The chairs moved on its own. All the switched off screens flickered collectively, cabinets opened on its own and papers from files flew out by itself. Investigations were made but the answers were vague. No reasonable explanation backed up the occurrences in the video. There is surely a ghost in the camera recording.

4. Paranormal Activity Caught On Cam#4

The Ghost In The Whitsable Shop

Well, this is another freaky one. Though the owner of the shop is sceptical of the claim, she does not know what caused it. This video was recorded in 2013, in the security camera of a shop. An old man was shopping for health products and is browsing the shelves. Suddenly, on the shelf behind his, a teabag carton starts moving by itself and floats in mid-air. Another object falls out of the shelf in front of him. As he goes down to pick the object, the teabag carton drops to the ground.
There are voices in the video, probably of the shop owner, exclaiming, “Oh My God! What is that?”

5. Paranormal Activity Caught On Cam#5

The Ghost in Carlisle Castle

This hotel which is situated in Australia reported a paranormal occurrence in its vicinity. This is a CCTV recording which was made in 2014 in Carlisle Castle Hotel. A ghostly image has been noticed in the recording. It seems it is waving at the camera. Another recording shows a male worker opening a fridge and out pops a bottle from the wine cabinet, that too on its own. The angle of the fall clearly indicates an unknown entity responsible for it. Another clip in the video shows that. The clip opens to the other side of the bar where a female worker is standing near a table.
All of a sudden, a glass moves on its own and smashes on the ground. Nobody has a clue as to what caused the fall.
I am spooked out for sure. The ‘Ghost In The Camera’ shows that paranormal phenomenon is for real.