I Bet You Are A 90's Kid If You Always Wanted These Cartoon/Comic Characters On The Silver Screen – 9th Is My Favorite!!


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It is not uncommon for our film makers to pick up from great comic books or short version series and adapt them on the big screen. It is often seen that not only it is a sure shot formula for film success (Dark Knight, The Amazing Spider-man, Iron Man, Avengers etc) it also adds to the delight of traditional comic books and animated series lovers. Here is a Stories of World’s exclusive take on famous comic book/TV series which will make for a great blockbuster watches !

1. The Flash Movie

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The Flash first appeared in the DC comics space in 1940, this lightening hit superhero is the fastest thing on this planet. Also later becoming a part of Justice league, The Flash is definitely someone to look out for. With a tragic origin similar to Spider-man’s Peter Parker. His mother was mysteriously murdered, when our hero Barry Allen decided to be a forensic scientist. The great potential that this DC superhero has remains untapped with any movie based on Flash yet to be made, we sure have comic fans waiting for this one !

2. Justice League


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After the debut of Marvel Comic Universe’s The Avengers on big screen in 2012, all superhero fans were at a great cinematic treat with all the favorite marvel superheroes forming an alliance. The DC cinematic universe is yet to explore their own Epic Justice League coming to the silver screen. Although the new Batman v Superman does hint at at the cinematic potential of circumstances forming the Justice League. (To witness Superman,Batman,Green Lantern and The Flash saving the world will be such a feisty treat)

3. Power Puff Girls

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“Once again the day is saved, thanks to power-puff girls ” went the televisions sets on show featuring our darling super girls of the 90’s. Whether it was answering the ply of a panicked mayor or fighting out gruesomest of the characters, this power girls trio did it all. The series had a great share of story-lines and potential movie super villains (who can forget Mojo Jojo – the genius monkey and of course the mysteriously menacing “Him”) which well is a great premise for a movie.

4. Pokemon

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Gotta Catchem all !! You are not a 90’s kid if you did not love this Japanese anime adventure series. It will be interesting to see how this huge Pokemon universe gets adapted to fit the silver screen. Evoking lots of memories and nostalgia, this one is a great potential Hollywood blockbuster !

5. American Dragon : Jake Long

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Well it is very surprising that this Walt Disney production which was a TV series aired in 2005  is yet to be made into an official feature film. The series explores the life of a common teenager who has the super power of charging up into a dragon ! He is a Chinese-American who belongs to a family of dragons, the series has its share of adventure stories and magical creatures enough to keep you hooked if it were a reality in the real time movie space.

6. Jacky Chan Adventures

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Jacky Chan is one of Asia’s biggest stars and widely recognized for his action comedy film genre. It does hit us why this action packed fictionalized version of Jacky Chan in “Jacky Chan Adventures” was never brought as an idea for a magnum opus cinematic outing. Jacky Chan and his family (his niece and grandfather) work for section 13, hell breaks loose when the powerful magical talismans from a shield of evil spirit named Shendu need to be protected. This series had all the elements for a great blockbuster watch !

7. Swat Kats


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Based in a fictitious cat world Razor and T-Bone are two ordinary mechanics who take on the criminal masterminds and maniacs in the city at night. They build their own planes at a garbage base in daytime, these are no ordinary chaps. The series had various gruesome themes which make for a mighty watch. We sure will wait for the series in the cinematic form to hit the theaters !

8. Baby Looney Toons

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After the Toy Story became a huge hit in 1995, we had already welcomed a new genre in the movie space. The animation feature films for kids, with Looney Toons back in action (2003) hit the screens with Michael Jordan forming a basketball team. It remains the last exclusive Looney tunes outing and the potential for this fun adventure kids series remains unexplored as a cinematic adaptation.

9. Johnny Bravo


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The kinky woman hunter dude was always a great entertainer. With series having interesting characters, use of different kinds of humor and exploring different shades such as dark social themes. Some fan made posters of Johnny Bravo’s feature film did surface the internet, showcasing Dwayne The Rock Johnson as the protagonist, we sure know this would be a much awaited screen presentation but only if some production company comes with a script for this blonde hunk’s comic caper.

10. The Venom

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The Venom is a mighty super-villain featuring in Spider-man comics and films, last seen in the third installment of the Spider-man series, this character has surely captured our imagination. Although a few announcements have been made regarding the scripting of the film, there is no progress on this project as of now. The Joker like version of the Venom Symbiote, the carnage is also yet to be introduced to the film viewing audience. We surely think this is a blockbuster in every sense even before it gets made.

11. Courage The Cowardly Dog

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The fearful not so adventure loving beagle dog, Courage was first introduced in 1996 on cartoon network in US. This Pink fearful puppy lives in a fictional town named Nowhere in a spooky set up with his owners Muriel and Eustace. The show featured various horror themes, creatures and evil spirits which courage has to tackle for saving his family. The show never made it to the big screen but if it does it will be a great family watch.

12. The Black Panther

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Created by the Epic Father of Marvel Comics – Stan Lee , Black Panter is one of the less famous characters of the Marvel Comic Universe. Also touted as the first ever black superhero this titular comics character has many superpowers being a skilled hunter and a scientist trained in martial arts. One of the lesser known fact is that he is also one of the Avengers, this African hero sure deserves his own take made into a movie to his name.

13. Wonder Woman

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She is the Princess Diana of Themyscira , this powerful woman character has accompanied the Superman and other DC superheroes in many adventures fighting out the baddies. She does feature in one of the teaser trailers of Batman v Superman but we expect a little more of this female superhero. We just cannot wait until this Warrior Princess who has a powerful back story (something to look out for in every superhero movie) gets her own exclusive movie title.

14. Teen Titans

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The show first aired on TV with a planned 4 seasons, but given the popularity of the DC superhero series , a fifth season was made on demand. This series features Robin as the intelligent leader leading the pack of Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and the Beast boy. Unlike many comic superheroes these 5 do not maintain any secret identity while they fight it out in the universe of DC super-villains, this series does ensure an awesome watch on big screen.

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Well this was our take on all the epic comic books/TV series which will make for a great blockbuster motion picture material. Sadly these versions have not made it to the big screens yet but we hope that they do (our targets being the potential makers here). If you have your own favorite comic books/TV series which you wished were made into movies, please let us know in the comment box and share your thoughts on whether or not you liked our compilation!