I Bet Everyone Knows Someone Who Loves To Avoid Work At The Workplace And Does This Instead!!

Explaining the scenario of a typical government office, and this doesn’t go for all the departments, work is delayed more than trains are delayed in India. Procrastination is the key to success in these offices. And the scenario prevails in many private offices too where people prefer sitting idle than working. In order to combine the two offices, an observation can be implied that Indians, well most of them, like being idle and still earn heavy bucks. Usually this won’t be possible in any other country, but then again, it’s Incredible India.

A few methodologies that Indians use to prevent work, as well as to pretend they are the busiest people on Earth are mentioned below.
1. Peers

It is a common observation in any office that there are a few colleagues that just don’t like working. Even if you are deep into your project, that person will come up to you and start some random discussion. Soon after he starts his conversation, you also lose your interest in your work, after all, you are also an Indian.
2. Acting

One thing that Indians are really good at is acting and pretending. How this works is people open up hundreds of windows on their computer screens and sit idle after that. Whenever the boss is around, they will start working on any of those windows pretending to be the busiest person on Earth.
3. Ask A LOT of questions

Another thing that Indians do to prevent work is ask random questions about the project allocated to them from their boss. This puts the boss lost in the thoughts that the person is working really hard, but on the flip side, he is “busy” playing Solitaire on his desk.
4. Scribbling

Another way Indians look busy while doing nothing is writing some random stuff on a piece of paper. In this way, when someone catches them, they look innocent as if they were correcting some data of their project.
5.  Absence from Workplace

Some hardworkers in any office can be seen roaming here and there because they are in a way, the managers of the office, while on the other hand, there are many such people who are simply absent from their workplace so that they don’t have to do any work. They visit their friends in other departments or spend most of their time in washroom.
6. Personal Chores

Everyone of us might have witnessed such people in an office that don’t care about the customers and are busy doing their personal chores during the time of duty. Hats Off to such people as practically, they are being paid for completing their personal chores.
7. Skipping deadlines

As is clear from the above facts, Indians love sitting idle. As an inference, they are not able to meet deadlines, and when asked the reason, they make a naive face and defend it as if they weren’t the culprit. That’s how subtle liars they are.
8. Breaks

Some Indians, in order to prevent their work, excessively go for a loo break or to the cafeteria in order to check what’s cooking in there. This is a really nice way prevent doing work and not letting the boss complain against you. Even if he does, just make an excuse that you have a small bladder!
9. More than occasional leaves

The employed population also goes for occasional leaves by making varied and absurd excuses. Those excuses seem so lame that anyone could judge the fakeness, but the reason that they get the leave sanctioned is because the boss is no different than the employees.
10. Look for a new job

This is a common psychology in the Indian population. When the above mentioned methods get exhausted at one place, they start switching to other places. They could have simply completed the task in order to avoid all this mess, but they feel that shifting jobs is better than doing work!