I Almost Cried Seeing Different Reactions Of People While He Was Hitting The Dog Publically!!

Hitting an innocent dog mercilessly is one of the worst things to do. But if you do it in public, then you are a shameless person. But what’s shocking is that there are different reactions when this man hits dog. If you comprehend what I mean, you will realize the ebb to which the humanity has reached.  In the U.S., there are so many instances of dog abuse that you could spend years counting all these incidents. In South East Asia, there are cruel cases of dogs being slaughtered for food. Such stories wrench your heart, and you realize why PETA is so important.
2016-01-12 (25)
Image Source: www.youtube.com
In this video you will see a man conducting a social experiment. He puts a dummy dog in a polyethylene Bag with a beat box which plays the dogs whimpers. He then starts hitting the dog mercilessly, kicking him at times. He even pounds him with a baseball bat.
What’s shocking is the way people react. Some come ahead and try to intercept the assault. One man even went as far hitting the culprit. But even more appalling is that some of shitheads go as far has joining him in the pummeling melee. One of them tosses the bag containing the dog on the road.
Image source: www.youtube.com
It was heartbreaking to see majority of the people walking away as if nothing odd occurred in front of them. What if somebody hits you and nobody helps you.
Next time be a man when somebody hits dog in front of you.
I am almost choking up for words looking at such disgusting reactions. Have a look at the video and decide what you gonna do about it.