History Of Wheels And Its Role In Human Evolution

History of Wheels
History of Wheels

Do you think the wheels were just a simple invention. But historians admit that it was a big breakthrough in the history of human evolution.

The wheel allows us to perform so many tasks effortlessly, without which life would have been a laboured and complicated affair. Not just high tech performance sports cars, wheels enable the system of transportation and to some extent provide functionality to many types of machines. We can easily say that is has been indispensable part of our lives,

Human Evolution Seen From A New Lense

But as you would think, the wheels were not invented early in human history. But according to archaeologists and experts, wheels were not a part of human evolution for a considerable amount of years in human history. The earliest remains of wheels can be dated back to 3600 B.C. in Cucuteni Trypillian Culture in Romania. As one would guess wheels were not always made up of stones.

Over time wooden logs were used under sledges to facilitate movement. And to further its efficiency, the wood logs were carved out of big wooden chunks. For which a supportive axel was also to be developed. Around the same timeline in Mesopotamia, many pictorial references to the use of wheels. The wheels were used in carts ridden with solid wooden wheel and well fixed our axles. The stability provided to wheels was not only useful for transportation but also enabled armies to combat in battles. The earliest reliable origin of the wheel can be traced to Slovenia in Ljubljana. In between 3000 BC and 2000 BC there is much evidence of wheels in the Russian society. it was not until the bronze age that we got hold of one of the greatest innovations in human history.

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You ask why not in the stone age, unlike the popular belief the wheel was not such a humble of primitive thing. It took years to develop in its modern form. By that time we were already into farming, animal husbandry and social class differences. The reason it was difficult to invent the wheel, because it took some skill to use metal tools to fix and axle inside the wheel. And to device methods to carve out uniform wheels who were perfectly round to give efficiency was an expertise of the few. If the axle were not perfect the wheel would simply not turn.

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The wheels found in mesopotamia were only used a potter’s wheel. The use of wheel slowly spread in all parts of the world. But in the Middle East and North Africa, camels were still the best source of transportation as wheel had no utility in the deserts. The wheel is actually the “Big Thing” for human evolution. It was used for domestic purposes such as irrigation, milling and even pottery. Whatever be the journey, the invention of wheel was a turning point in human evolution.

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It enabled us to move things, helping not only in labored work but also as a facilitation for trade. This is how humans traveled and explored the world. It was the medium for developing businesses. In a way wheels helped in moving not only goods but also our economy. The face of humanity changes, we learned new things, had more inventions.

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Now we had money in hands and we can exchange things by buying them. So next time you order something online you know you have to thank this innovation. For the products would not have even reached your doorstep if it were not for transportation(Yes even in the time of modern gadgets)
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