Human Body Is A Mystery, Science Is Yet To Sort

Science has taken the world as far as the moon and stars but what science is yet to comprehend is mystery, that the human body is.


Yes, yawning is an unknown phenomenon, no scientist has yet given a full theory of why humans yawn. But we are happy believing it to be the call for bed. One more interesting thing, you yawn when you see someone yawning, 90% of the time!


Sun Sneezing

Autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outburst (or ACHOO) is a phenomenon where some people get hit with sneezing attack. It is also known as the photo sneezing affect which somewhere gives the idea that it is the trick played by lights which make us sneeze. Other reason that is simpler to understand for us is that it is because our eyes and nose are connected, so when eyes get hit, the nose reacts (or cries mucus).

Hypnic Jerk

Hypnic jerk is the jerk you get while you are about to doze of or are in your deep sleep, this feels like you were about to fall from a height and you just stepped back. While this movement of the body has no theories attached to it, some scientists believe that it has been the genetic transfer. Our ancestors used sleep on trees, and they developed the skills of feeling alert before they fall off the trees, this phenomenon is now transferred to us and make us feel panic in are soft beds!


This is quite funny, we all believed that kissing was evident sign of a physical bond, but science has no theory to explain this beautiful phenomenon.  Kissing has evolved through times and is only common with the human race.


As interesting as they might seem, there is no evident proof to justify why only women have full, round boobs and not the other mammal species. The simplest theory attached to it is the fact that it attracts men. This being said, this is also not common in other mammals, actually it is the exact opposite, as in other mammals, it is male who is bound to attract his female counterpart.

Placebo Effect

The fake treatment, used by many doctors around the world. This is the theory where a patient is simply given sugar tablets and is made to believe that it is healing you, well it does help.
This is somewhere the science of playing with the patient’s mind, you are made to believe that you are being cured and you are actually cured!


Another game played by the brain, you think or feel of something and it happens. This has a simple yet unexplained theory attached to it, the fact that the human brain can unconsciously calculate happenings. Well, this is not what we would call a justified  explanation, but nevertheless, it is magical.
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