Hrithik Roshan’s New House Is As Gorgeous As Him. Take A Look Inside, You’ll Love It.


While living the High Life is a dream to many, only a few can actually make it come true. While others may believe in doing things differently, their goal is to completely re-imagine it.
And one such member of the elite A-class club is Hrithik Roshan. And the man is seen making a new beginning in life while moving into his brand new, lavish home.
And his new home is much more than bricks and mortar. It is a medium of inner discovery and a manifestation of his inner-most feelings. In the words of the man himself , “Building this home was really about discovering myself.”
Ashiesh Shah, the man entrusted with the task of designing Mr. Roshan’s house, is the same man who had previously designed Katrina Kaif’s house in Bandra. Ashiesh said that Hrithik was so impressed by his work that he wanted him to work for him to get the same vibe and feel to his own home.
His new home is designed in a way that it would serve a dual purpose. One that of a bachelor pad and the other that of a family space. The home can be converted into any of the two options as per his requirements.

Hrithik's new home
Hrithik’s new home

Have a look at Hrithik enjoying his time at his new home, with photographs captured by the Vogue India magazine.