Blood Circulation Is Improved By Daily Exercise

It is never too late to enjoy the benefits and health advantages of doing moderate aerobic exercises. This is what the researchers and the scientists have to claim. According to studies, if you practice brisk walking for about half an hour thrice a week it can help in improving blood circulation to your brain. This was proved in a recent research and 15% women showed real improvement.

Scientific research

Blood circulation
Flow of blood

Doppler ultrasonography was used by the scientists at the very start of the experiment. It was to ensure the flow of blood in the internal carotid arteries. This is found in the neck area. It offers the brain with oxygen and glucose-rich blood which is considered very vital for proper brain functioning. Research participants were examined in respect to their physical health. Their maximum oxygen uptake was also taken into account. The researchers made sure that there were customized training programs for every woman involved in the test. It was on the basis of her fitness level.
When the training was initiated it was started at a very base or fundamental pace for the candidate. The pace was around 50% to 60% of the maximum amount of oxygen utilized during exercises. This is the VO2 max for a time frame. The time frame was of half an hour every session, for almost 3 times every week. By the end of the third week, the researchers increased the entire training sessions to 50 minutes each, at least 4 times a week. Two more training sessions got added up at the pace of 70% to 80% of every individual’s VO2 max level, for half an hour.

Research analysis

Exercise improves blood circulation to brain
Women exercising

At the end of the research, the scientists once again measured the blood circulation in the carotid arteries. They observed that there had been an increase in the cerebral flow of blood. The range was in between the average -11% in the right side of the internal carotid arteries, 15% in the left side of the carotid artery. The VO2 max level got increased by around 13%. There was a decrease in the blood pressure level by an average of 4% and the reduced heart rates approximately by 5%.

Insufficient blood circulation to the brain can cause brain diseases

Insufficient blood circulation to brain can cause Alzheimer's
Old man and girl

Do you know the balanced and the steady blood circulation to the brain can cater to two aspects? The first aspect is that the proper blood circulation can bring in the important oxygen, glucose and other nutrients to your brain. The second aspect is that it is the blood that washes out the brain metabolic wastes like amyloid beta protein. This gets released into the blood vessels of your brain. Presence of amyloid beta protein, in blood vessels of human brain is considered one of the primary factors for development of Alzheimer’s disease among many individuals.

Exercise regularly for proper blood circulation

Exercise improves blood circulation to brain
Mother and children exercising

In order to maintain a balanced blood circulation to your brain, you must try out some of the home based cardio exercises. Lunge jumps, windmill jacks, plank jacks, plank ups, curtsy lunge knee and so on. You need to repeat each of the sequence for 3 times. Just spare as little as 15 minutes from your busy schedule. With this you will be surely improving proper blood flow to your brain. Stay happy, stay healthy!
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