We Indians Celebrate Christmas In The Most Awkward Ways!!! 7th Is The Funniest..

Hohoho ! So looks like Christmas has already arrived (No Santa. we didn’t mean to mock you). In our latest addition on this Christmas Season we would explore and comment on the bizarre and humorous ways in which We Indians celebrate Christmas. Scroll Down and have a look !

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1. The Mango/Banana Tree Decorations for Christmas Tree !

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It is a known fact that Christmas is an alien festival to our country, as much as Diwali is for United States or UK but we still manage to celebrate our own version of this global festival. We do not have pine trees, as it does not snow, but what better than decorating our own Indian pots, we have our own favorite mango/banana plant for that matter at least. Wackiest answer to how indians celebrate christmas.

2. Grandpa is the closest you will have to Santa Claus

christmas santa claus miracle on 34th street

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Okay, so we do not have any stories about Santa doing the rounds, we know we were just brought up this way. Our kids just don’t expect gift parcels from the fat happy go lucky Santa. The least closest we have to Santa Claus is our grandfather. Not to say we are complaining – children do get a chocolate/ice cream treat, fair to say who needs Santa !! (hahaha truth about how indians celebrate christmas )


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Okay, now here is something of a real value to our mothers. It’s winter sale time. As the boards in the local markets went up, indian women would be seen rushing to the place to get the shopping checklist done. Atleast wo do get to buy jerseys,waistcoats and other clothes for winter (woohoo thats how we indians celebrate christmas and pretty much everything else )

4. Every family goes to watch Aamir/SRK/Akshay Kumar Movies for Christmas Treat


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Yayy Christmas ! Time to rush to the movie theaters with your friends and families. Usually we see Aamir Khan movies hit the theaters at this time of the year to take advantage of the holiday season. If not going for easter dinners or fancy Christmas parties we Indians have still found an alternative ways how we indians celebrate christmas.

5. You Enter The Malls and come back without buying anything !

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Well, you might be excited for this season to hit your favorite shopper’s stop or some funky brand store at a mall nearby but not everybody is willing to spend heavily this season – but you can do both as there is a word for that – “Window Shopping” (heehee). Indian families hit various malls and city centers with their family to utilize the free time only coming out not buying anything , arrey diwali thori na hai (It’s not diwali anyway) That’s how indians celebrate christmas in a wacky way.

6. Crowds Gathers in Markets/Malls/Hotels – Click pictures with the Christmas Tree and disperse

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Being the enthusiasts we are, we do not show utter disrespect for Christmas and have found our own ways to celebrate the Christmas. So all the kids teenagers and youngsters utilize their time by clicking pictures with Christmas trees (profile picture updates, pun intended) at various hotels. restaurants and malls.

7. Kids getting thrashed by mums at the oddest of Places (Restaurants, Movie Halls, Hotels etc)

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While the Indian kids find themselves at top of their energy, maybe running towards the Santa (the salesmen Santa : see next point) in hope of getting chocolates or crying for their favorite Happy meals at MC Donald’s. The Indian Mums then take charge and give them a piece of their mind (can imagine such a chaotic setup) or plain simple peace making tool – an occasional beating. (horrendous yet effective)

 8. The thin salesman Santa – roaming around

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Now that it’s a festive season, a good time to make merry, have fun and a great time for trading too. You will see a lot of shopkeepers/salesman/balloon sellers on the Indian streets (oh ya the thin Santa) trying to make the best out of the season appealing to children or even distributing chocolates/sweets for goodwill.

 9. Kids get gifts only to be disappointing when its returned to someone else !

Mic news christmas gifts social experiment
Well habitually speaking all the goodies and gifts have been exchanged by the time Diwali is over, but if some Indian kids still do manage to get some gift wrapped presents or chocolates, your parents won’t sim-ply let you open it and that luminous mysterious box might land up in some other place as a gift so that your moms won’t have to buy one.

10. The Crazy Indian Christmas at Schools

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 Now that all the malls/hotels have been decorated and the festive vibes are out how can the schools miss to join the party ?? Schools in India have come up with their own ideas and innovations around the winter festival. There are various Christmas cards made and distributed by children and we have little ones dressed up as Santa. Some schools even encourage children to exchange gifts and chocolates and teachers prepare students to sing Jingle Bells and Christmas Carols at various functions.

 11. It’s the beginning of hyped marriage season already ( lolzzz )

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There is no bigger festival in India other than – okay take a guess ??? The Big Fat Indian Wedding Season ! Now that we hit the December already, Millions of Indian parents have already prepared for the biggest surprise party our society has as the wedding cards have been distributed. Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Couples All the way (We prefer arrange marriages, coz choosing a partner for yourself is too mainstream at least for Indian parents – hahaha )