Jat Reservation: What Government Should Do

Jat Reservation has become the hot word in Haryana. After all, it has been unanswered for long. Since 1990, from the early days of the Mandal Commission it has been a hotbed for social unrest and argument. Why is this becoming a subject of political furore? Jat Reservation is trending right now.
India has always suffered from the predicament of being a developing country. Since, it is perennially on the rise, it has a lot of promises to fulfill, especially for its youth. They seek only tow demands that of the right of education and right to be employed. But all this under a black cloud of political manipulation. Many political stalwarts have actually benefited from it.

Jat Reservation: After Riots
After Riots In Rohtak

What Does The Reservation System Promise?

  • Easy opportunities for the concerned castes with sure shot reservation in educational and employment institutions that come under the central government.
  • Guaranteed upliftment of the reserved classes
  • Undivided support for the government to include these reserved classes central decision making process of India

With unhindered support from political parties, doyens of many political parties have accumulated votes. Political manifestos have converted the reservation tag to a much sought and yearned classification.

But What About Jat Reservation?

The Jats, hitherto a hardworking and honest community have found themselves lagging in many walks of life due to the neglect from the central government. Socio-economic mismatch with the reserved classes has been the cause of fury. This considerate and passionate community has sought to have accept the bait and decoy of better benefits for supporting their impoverishing families. The worst part is that naughty elements are taking full advantage of the situation of Jat Reservation.

Jat Reservation 2
How Jats Have Blocked Roads

What The Government Should Do?

  • Should not use the army for controlling them -The Jat Regiment could oppose it. One should not compromise with the bravest regiment in the army. Moreover, people could turn against the government.
  • Manipulate the nationalist sentiment using political leaders of the community– There are a lot of Jat leaders in the centre. They should be assigned to control the situation by isolating the naughty elements. Any ploy which is beneficial should be used to control the situation.
  • Comprehend the political stance – Government should understand why such situations are occurring in quick succession.The Pathankot attack, the JNU issue and Beef Intolerance Issue. I have an uncanny feeling that the enemy across the border are trying to dislodge peace in India.