How Do I Pick The Best Job For Myself ? Come Let's Find An Answer!!

So there is a job opening?

Planning to apply for it?

But is it really the job for you?

Many people often tend to oversee one or the other aspects of a job. Attracted by a singular shiny aspect of a job many people get stuck in the jobs they might not have ever wanted in the first place. But you can avoid getting into a crappy job. Read on to know if the job that you want really fits your bill.

Here are a few thing that you should bear in mind before taking up a job.

1. Growth Perspective:

The first and foremost quality to look for in a prospective job is the growth opportunities it offers. Not from the money angle, but in terms of learning and knowledge. You should check whether there is a scope for growth vertically in the hierarchy.

2. Designation:

See if the designation being offered is in harmony with your degree, knowledge and the set of skills you possess. Get a clear idea of all the responsibilities that such designation entails. Make sure that, in your desperation, you don’t take up a position for which you are under qualified or under skilled.

3. Organisation’s Reputation:

Research and research well about the organisation. Ask the current as well as the ex-employees and also find out the kind of market reputation that the organisation holds. Based on the average review, decide whether or not to take a job in the given organisation. If the company enjoys a positive rapport among its employees and in the industry, you are good to go!

4. Organisational Environment:

The normal work environment is also a dimension one should look into. Numerous organisations these days try to provide maximum relaxation to employees and have an exuberant environment. On the other hand there are organisations that follow a strictly formal code of conduct.

5. Career Goals:

It is vital that you set well defined career goals, like where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. Then assess if the job in hand would support you in achieving these goals. Check whether or not the organisation has enough projects in its domain to help you reach your set goals.

6. Workload:

It is also vital to discuss the regular workload that you would be handling, were you take up the job. A clear picture of the time and efforts required to be put in under ordinary circumstances may become the deciding  factor for whether or not to take the job.

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7. Job Security

Another important aspect to see before taking up a job is the kind of job security it offers. Naturally no job can be hundred percent secure. But you can always go through the organisation’s past hiring and firing records and its average labor turnover ratio.

8. Incentives and Perquisites:

Additional Incentives and Perquisites, whether monetary or otherwise, also effect the desirability of a job. An organisation that extends attractive incentives and perks to its employees automatically becomes more attractive.

9. And Of Course, The Pay Package:

At the end of the day, its all about the money baby!!! Even if the initial pay package is not as per your expectations, see that there are foreseeable increments and monetary promotions. It is advisable to discuss the matters of future Increments upfront.

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10. Choosing From Multiple Job Offers:

If you are lucky enough to have more than one job offers in your hand, but don’t know how to make the choice, do not panic! Just make a list of all the qualities you want in a job in the order of preference. Now mark each job on all these parameters and weigh the jobs against each other. You shall have your answer.