How A College Dropout Carved The Face Of The New World – The Life Story Of Manoj Bhargava

Manoj Bhargava was born in Lucknow, India in 1952. At a mere age of 14, he along with his family, shifted to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and remained a regular tourist of his hometown. Being exceptionally good in Mathematics, he was awarded a scholarship in a private school of Pennsylvania. After his early schooling, he joined Princeton University and dropped out of there within the first year, after which, he went back to India to acquire spiritual learning at Hanslok Ashram, Delhi.
After acquiring experiences of being a taxi driver, working as a construction worker, etc, he started helping his family in their plastic company and raised its revenue to as high as $20 million. The company was then sold to a private equity firm.
Bhargava is of the view that “Simple stuff is the greatest.” Despite this thought, he managed to cover numerous horizons of the industry by starting up firms like ETC Capital (an investment firm), Microdose Life Sciences (deals in medical devices), Stage 2 Innovations (innovations in the field of fuel efficiency), and of course, Living Essentials (producer of 5-Hour Energy). The success behind 5-Hour Energy was the quality packed in such small shots along with the contradictory but overwhelming marketing technique used for this product. The sales of the “focus drink” grew overnight and played a major role in adding Bhargava to the list of billionaires.
The biggest problem with a simple man and too much of money is he doesn’t know how to spend it! Moreover, Bhargava believed in the fact that “If you are given more, more is expected from you.” This is why; he decided to invest 99% of his earnings for sustainable development.
Stage 2 Innovation, which is a dream place to work for any engineer, was developed to devise a solution about the energy crisis happening all over the world. Bhargava always believed in the minds of the people who invented things in garages and not on the Ph.D. scholars.  This can be termed as one of the major reasons why Stage 2 Innovation reached the heights of success.
Bhargava recently visited India to launch one of its products in the country and met the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. During the whole 45 minute meet, Modi just couldn’t believe that Bhargava is for real and is willing to practice such sort of philanthropy.
Bhargava says that the first question he asks someone who pitches in a new idea is how is his idea useful. If the idea is not useful then it needs to be entertaining. If it doesn’t fit in the above two categories then there is only one box where the idea could fall, and the box is marked “useless.”
A few ideas that he and his team pitched in, which actually define the concept of sustainable development have been showcased below.

  • Graphene

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.33.54 PM
Graphene is basically a sole molecular layer of graphite (that is pencil lead). Graphene can be moulded into strings, and hence into cables. These cables made of graphene are so good of a conductor that the exact amount of temperature present at one end could be made available on the other end with no losses in between. This technology is being used to get the energy out of Earth’s hot mantle and core, and hence help in achieving an unlimited supply of non-polluting energy.

  • Renew

Renew is basically a methodology for enhancing blood circulation in body. This enhanced blood circulation assists the natural blood pump of our body, that is our heart, and hence help in improving the immunity of our body. Now, that becomes an obvious fact that if we have a higher immunity, we won’t just fall sick, and hence won’t need that expensive healthcare.

  • The Rainmaker

A machine that can distill gallons of sea water into distilled water and is so efficient that the amount of purity needed can be set on the machine. The project has been named so because it mimics the nature’s rain making procedure that is heating up the water and taking the moisture for distillation. An almost perpetual machine has been obtained as the distilled water is further used for producing electricity that operates this machine.

  • Free Electric

And here comes a machine that has the capability to eradicate the problem of electricity from all over the world. As per the statistics, there still are more than 3 billion people on Earth who still don’t get electricity. Free Electric uses the simple concept of bicycling, which converts the Mechanical Energy of paddling by into Electrical Energy and stores it for usage. One hour of cycling this machine could produce enough non-polluting energy to power a house for 24 hours.
And this is not all. Bhargava has been a godfather for all such projects that could help the present as well as the future generation lead a comfortable life. Just donating money for a noble cause is not enough unless you yourself are involved in that cause with all your heart. Bhargava took this leap and has led to the development of a new era which could bring a change to the face of the world. He has become a true inspiration for all the generations. After all, he believes that if a blind person falls into a well, it is not his fault but the fault of the person who was observing him!
Many things have been clarified in the clip, “Billions in Change”. A must watch!