OMG!!! Aamir Khan Looks Exactly Like Tom Hanks… Have A Look…

Often we find people making comparisons between Bollywood and hollywood actors and actresses. Comparisons might be based on looks, skills, what they have in common or may be what makes them look alike.
So why don’t we take a look at the best hollywood look alike of Bollywood celebs and try making our set of comparisons between them.

1.Hrithik Roshan & Bradley Cooper

Two sexiest men alive, that’s what they are known as!! I don’t really second that statement at all because who on this earth would deny the fact that they have an irresistible sex appeal. The image above says it all, the similar nose, jaw lines, similar eyes and quite a similar expression too? Errr, you know what I mean?

2.Shahid Kapoor & Zach Braff

Brother from another mother. LOL. Do I need to say more? Lips, smile and those jaw lines. On point. I actually feel they are brothers in this image you know. HAHA.

3. Aamir Khan & Tom Hanks

Two finest actors known for their talents worldwide. From their hair to their expressions,from their eyes to their ears everything has resemblance. Isn’t it?

4.Katrina Kaif & Camilla Belle

Similar eyes with similar smiles and not to forget those identical cheeks that are just like cherry on the cake.
Do I need to say more?

5. Dia Mirza & Anne Hathaway

This is probably one of the most beautiful image I could trace to compare these two beauties. I mean they surely look like twin sisters. Their hair, their skin tone, eyes , cheek bones, It’s all so similar.

6.Ranbir Kapoor & Ryan Gosling

Comparing these two men itself gives goosebumps. Phewww, hotness overloaded. The similar face cut, the identical lips which are so kissable and when they keep beard, that look is surely so similar.

7. Parineeti Chopra & Hayden Panettiere

Eyebrows-  ✓
Smile- ✓
Eyes- ✓
Cheek bones- ✓

8.Akshay kumar & Tom cruise

That forehead which is so so similar and that smile which seems so identical, Akshay Kumar & Tom Cruise surely look alike, don’t they?

9.Emraan Hashmi & Colin Farrell

Eyes- ✓
Lips- ✓
Nose- ✓
Hairstyle- ✓
Emraan & Colin- ✓

10.Kareena Kapoor Khan & Paris Hilton

Talking of these two amazingly gorgeous women, well similar jaw line, similar smile and very sexy eyes. Kareena Kapoor & Paris Hilton -✓✓