Hollywood Celebrities With Strange Bedroom Fetishes- Some May Surprise You

We all have private lives. Some applies to Celebs as well. But there are certain strange habits of these known personalities which are decent enough to make you uncomfortable.

  1. Robert Pattison

In an interview he confessed that he likes the smell of people. It need not be any perfume. He loves the body odor of humans around. This confession made few heads turn (courtesy: Twilight series). Kristan Stewart was when asked; she too mentioned that Robert used to lick her armpits at times. Eeeeeks!

  1. Angelina Jolie

This lady stole many hearts and is continuing to do so. But her secrets are kind of public. She says that she is very daring inside the bedroom. She also mentioned in an interview that she has been sexual since her kindergarten days. While in a relationship with Billy Bob Thorton, the couple used knives and enjoyed blood play. Some glimpses of the same can be seen in the movie – original sin.

  1. Matthew Mccanaughey

There are different kinds of people in this world. Some find men and some find women sexy. But with him- he finds food sexy (WHAT?). Yes you read right. He has gone on records and said that at times he has to take a break while eating because he feels aroused.