10 Best And Easy Pranks That Will Make You Go ROFL

If you’re the one who likes to cause trouble to people and then laugh in their faces, you’ve chosen the right article to read. Here are a few hilarious pranks you must try.
Caution:- To Try Them At Home
These pranks are going to make you look like a real hilarious badass, with no major home done. 

The nCage prank

Who doesn’t love Nicolas Cage?
All you got to do is, change your sibling’s or bestfriends life into one of Mr. Cage’s. Just change their mobile wallpaper, screensaver, laptop/computer wallpaper to Cage’s photos. And, just in case you are luck to access their facebook and other social media handles, changes their name, Profile pic and other major material to you know who.
Well, this can be done with any other actor’s photos but the leverage here is the nCage app for chrome. This app changes all search image results to Nicolas Cage!!!

nCage App
nCage App

Sugar-Salt Switch!

This one is the old school prank but one hell of a kind. Simple, switch the sugar container with the salt container and you can simply make someone spit their morning coffee. When one wants to wake up to the burst of sugary morning coffee will wake up to the taste of oceany hell.

Spitting Coffee
Spitting Coffee