Here's Why Our Modern Relationships Fall Apart So Easily

Relationships were something that completed life in its own beautiful way once upon a time. They weren’t only a need but were something that made the human existence worth it. At times I feel, love is just a concept that I watch in movies nowadays. That’s the only place where I feel love is love and not a mere tag name, where love is actually meant to win over all the hardships and not give up, where that concept called I will not give up till the time I am with him/her.
Talking about these modern relationships that come and go like seasons may be and then? Oh I don’t know what. Well those infinite number of options isn’t it? That we all hold in our lives to replace things (Ex-partners) as soon as they leave.
Ever thought why we fail in love despite those best tries in our relationships? Why things begin so beautifully but end up in spite giving best?
Here’s why-

1. It’s not about how to love, maybe it’s about what love actually is

Not speaking

Well it’s not that we aren’t aware about how to love but the problem is we have forgotten what love is. It’s not a tag name that you are supposed to carry in front of your social circle or not just a word which is used with those hash tags. I always thought it was a feeling that nurtured your inner soul. What are we up to but?

2. We aren’t ready to invest in our relationships

Young couple

We talk about unconditional love but then are we really investing in our relationships to make things last? What are we doing? Just quitting and letting go our relationships because we don’t have that audacity to sacrifice and stand by the expectations of our relationship? We give upon love because we aren’t strong enough to invest emotionally in our bond.

3. It isn’t love but “To hang-out with partner” that we are looking for

Hanging out

Is it really love that we are looking for? Or is it the having fun and hanging out together what fascinates us more? Aren’t we more concerned about the excitement, adventure and thrill? Showing off that you too are “hooked” is what’s more important may be? It’s not togetherness but hanging out together that has taken the lead in our modern relationships.