Here Is A Shocking List 10 Famous People Who Slept With Their Fans

Being a celeb means a lot. Limelight, fashion, glamour, crazy fans & yes the amazing $ex. What, did we just say $ex?? Oh yes, we named the hushed word out loud. While most of us hide our sexual affairs, for some celebrities this is something to show off.  Why not? When it calls them name and fame. Here are 10 celebrities who slept with their fans either for fun or for popularity; some of them really fall in love as well:

1.Anne Hathway & Adam Shulman

Anne Hathway & Adam Shulman
Anna Hathaway heart skipped a beat when in the year 2008 her then boyfriend was arrested in a case of money laundering. This was a heartthrob time for Hathway which made her cry alone and this is the reason she closed her doors for love. After some time her friends introduced her to Adam Shulman, a jewelry designer. The cupid worked and Hathway was in love with this guy. 4 Years later they married each other.

2. John Travolta & Kelly Preston

John Travolta & Kelly Preston
Preston was John’s fan from a very early age of 16 years. She was so much in love with him that her wall had his posters when he starred in the movie Grease , as Danny Zuko. She had the only wish to marry him one day. Finally, they met after 10 years but sadly Preston was married that time. The couple happens to meet again in 1990 and dated for a good 6 months till they got married in the year 1991. They are living happily till now.