Her Skin Is The Notepad And Her Finger, The Pen!!

Imagine yourself scratching your skin all the time just to use it as a notepad without making use of a pen. It would be an extremely painful task to do so but it seems that for this young girl, it is just not that painful. As a matter of fact, this 16-year old resident of Sheffield, South Yorkshire in England uses her sensitive skin in order to memorize her study material and dermatographic urticaria is the reason behind it.

Dermatographic Urticaria: Skin disorder
She suffers from a sensitive skin disorder

Lucy Pearce suffers from a skin disorder called dermatographic urticaria, or simply dermatographia, which is a form of urticaria that allows writing on the skin without the use of pen. Amusing and confusing at the same time, isn’t it? Well, it is amusing, but not at all confusing.