He Lives In The Dresser! I told My Dad. He Is My Friend.

When I was young, I had this friend who lived in a massive antique dresser. We chilled out with each other. I vividly remember him telling me a lot of stories though I can’t recollect any of them. I remember I was talking about this to my parents one day. But this was not the happiest of my memories. It was scary!
dresser copy
Dad had been traveling for a long time so he wasn’t up to date with all that was going around at home. He had no clue what I was into. So he took me into his lap and started to have a man to man conversation with me. I used to love such sessions because it gave me some time with him. I used to miss him a lot. Anyway, now on with the story.
I started to tell him about my dresser friend. My Dad asked me my friend’s name and I innocently answered back,”Peter” but I can still see him going white in the face. Maybe, it was my imagination, but he shuddered a bit. But I dismissed it because I was extremely young at this point.
I drew Peter for him the very next day. But this time he was clearly scared. He and my uncle took out the dresser and burnt it. While all of us were confused, I remember everybody in the house was tensed or should I say they were scared.
It was not until a few years later, I found out that my uncle, my Dad’s younger brother had Peter as a friend. He lived in the same antique dresser. After a few months of friendship, my uncle started to have night terrors and couldn’t sleep because of Peter. It was so bad that they had to move him out of his room before he came back to normal.