This Man Has $ex With A Drunk Woman! Or Does He?


This Vlogger created waves on Social Media after posting a shocking video. In a day and age when consent is constantly debated, NinchiBoy, the video blogger behind this, began an extremely important conversation about the issue, which needs to be started all over the world.

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Why shocking?

So what makes the video so viral and shocking? What made it so popular that it has been viewed more than 9 million times on YouTube alone? The Spanish Vlogger decided to tackle an important issue called consent. Most people who viewed the video initially thought it was another one of those typical videos where a guy has sex with a drunk girl. But this was not the case.

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The Video

The video opens up with a woman lying on a couch. She is drunk and has passed out. On the side of the couch is a table with multiple liquor bottles. So far, we have the setting of the video. A moment later, a guy (NinchiBoy, the Vlogger) walks in and starts removing the girl’s pants. Can you possibly think what would happen next?

Surpassing expectations, the guy actually tucks the girl to sleep on the couch. He lays a blanket on her and pecks her on the cheek before leaving the room. Shocking, isn’t it? That we think a guy NOT taking advantage of a drunken girl to be abnormal?

The Issue

The creator of this video emphasises the point that seeing a drunk girl passed out should not be treated as an opportunity, but a responsibility. Consent is the key here. A drunken girl is incapable of giving consent. And having sex with someone who cannot give consent amounts to sexual assault. His video has become popular because of the message it has delivered. It has sparked off an important conversation all over the world: Women deserve respect, drunk or sober.


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