Have “Ache Din” Really Knocked India’s Doors and Changed India??

It is evident that Narendra Damodardas Modi, the 15th Prime Minister of this nation has been travelling A LOT, mostly for extending business throughout the world. But the common person of any country doesn’t understand international business. For them, the smallest change brings in the biggest benefit. So has Modi been able to reach out to this population? The answer is just like the two sides of a coin. Yes, as well as No. Here are a few things that Modi, along with his team, has been able to change and hence, beautify the face of the nation.
1. Digital India Campaign

Internet is everything for the present generation, but there is still a huge untapped market in developing countries like India, for whom, Internet is a dream. Digital India campaign has helped in bringing about this revolution by connecting the rural region of the nation to the internet. Along with this, Digital India also has brought about digitization in government sector. People’s reach to government officials has become easier, and the best part is the government has started catering to the needs of people. There have been various instances recorded in which, the government authorities have brought about the help needed just through the medium of Twitter. Digital India has also helped in imparting education to many.
2. Clean India Movement

Now everyone knows that India is known for its garbage lying on the edges of the roads. But Modi and his team thought to get rid of this recognition, and hence getting inspired by the technique of ALS Ice Bucket challenge, Modi started sweeping the roads, getting his picture clicked and started nominating people to do the same through social media. Though it does seem more of a publicity campaign, but gradually, the movement spread so far that Indians started cleaning all the roads, pillars of flyovers, etc. Well copied Modi!
3. Make in India

Image Source: asiamatters.eu

Modi also took an influential step by launching the Make in India campaign. It comprised of inspiring people to stop using foreign products and encouraging foreign as well as domestic companies to manufacture in India. This campaign helped in growth of GDP as well as allowing more use of domesticated products. And as an additional benefit, a large number of entrepreneurs have started pitching in their ideas in the country. Bengaluru has become the smaller version of Silicon Valley. Great growth indeed!
Despite the above deeds by Modi and his team, there is still hatred in hearts of many along with expectations that he is just not able to cater to. A few of these include:
 Gender Equality and Women Safety
Women in Nepal.

Image Source: homegrown.co.in

Though Indian politicians boast about having gender equality in all spheres, but it isn’t a mystery that these claims don’t seem that true. Men are still thought of a superior gender as compared to women by millions of people throughout the nation, thus inhibiting their chance to grow. Besides this, women are NOT safe. Incidents of rapes and violence against women are recorded everyday, and the government really needs to work on this to acclaim Ache Din.

Image Source: youthkiawaaz.com

Much of a controversial issue, reservation needs to be eradicated by harvesting out its root cause. Reservation based on caste doesn’t stand any ground in the development of the nation. What reservation does is restrict the growth of a talented unreserved person just because he doesn’t enjoy those special privileges. And if reservation is to be provided, it should be to uplift the poor class who can’t afford assets.

Image Source: economicstudents.com

Taking about the poor class, a large population of the country still lack resources and money to have a two-time meal throughout the day. Instead of technology, these people need a stable job, some food, and a shelter for their family. It is only then that they could afford owning a smartphone and enjoy the technology.
A few other things for which, government needs to lay down their assets as soon as they could includes agricultural development, child labour, education, and sports. There still are many sports personalities who have to lead a life of misery just because they followed a profession different from cricket. Though cricket is treated as a religion in this country but this doesn’t declare that we should stop thinking about other sports too. And another major thing will be STOP being against Kejriwal. He has been making a lot of efforts, and if BJP, or just Modi wants to go against him, he should know that working together might be more helpful. After all, Delhi’s Odd/Even Road Space rationing rule isn’t that bad. And for Kejriwal, he also needs to loosen up his rivalry against BJP. Everyone is trying their best to make India a better place to live.

There are hundreds of other things that Modi has already done and could do, but these major changes could bring a remarkable change in the face of the country.