Haunted Houses – Signs Of Ghosts And Spirits Possessing it.

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So when we talk of haunted houses you might ask, is that not a little old fashioned ?? Yes but your favorite hollywood films have kept you hooked to this topic for a while and there is no smoke without fire. Since the beginning of 18th century these stories have interested us and also haunted us during our sleep. There are people who claim to have witnesses this and hundreds of instances which have proved the phenomenon of haunted houses to be true. Let us try to help you with this, here is how you can know whether or not a place where you currently live in or soon moving to might be haunted !!

1. Electronic Disturbances

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Ya creepy, ain’t it. You know that you might be overlooking these small interruptions. But instances like the sudden changing of the channels or flickering of the light bulb (you changed just a week ago ) might just well be signs of supernatural presence. Next time it happens instead of overlooking it, you might know that you are surrounded by spirits/ghosts.


2. Disappearing Objects ( wait what has this happened to you ?!??!)

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This happens to lot of us and many a times we regard it as simple co-incidence and if it happens a few times you might also blame your housemates for being careless. Looking closer one might even find that there is to be some sort of notorious presence and it is not just a matter of chance. It can take a toll on you and if this happens quite often you might be living at the wrong place.

3. Unidentified Noises


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Okay we are not just taking cues from some of the late 80’s horror movies here. There are various instances in which people have heard the voice of a lady cringing for help or even a child crying. These are warning signs and you should not take them lightly. You might not know how much pain the spirits have suffered and these are trouble signs !