Haunted Places That You Will Spot In Alabama

Dr. John R. Drish House, Image Source: Wikiwand
Dr. John R. Drish House, Image Source: Wikiwand

Haunted Places are found in every US state. Well that does not mean that such spots are commonplace.

But due to the gory events that have occurred there, they have become the perfect breeding grounds for ghosts and those entities which have not passed on to the other realm. These abandoned souls lurk on the premises earning these houses a reputation, that they are haunted.

Haunted Places #1: Auburn University Chapel

Folklore states that this chapel was haunted by the ghost of an Englishman, Sydney who was a Confederate soldier. He had died in the chapel during the time it served as a hospital. Torn down and renovated the building served as a theater the ghost haunted the acting troupe during rehearsals.

Auburn University Chapel
Auburn University Chapel , Image Source: wikipedia

Haunted Places #2: Boyington Oak

This is an oft heard yarn which has been published a lot of times in many periodicals.  Boyington Oak is haunted. The tree and the houses near its vicinity have claimed many lives owing to the paranormal presence experienced here. Tourists have heard crying and whispering sounds here.

Boyington Oak
Boyington Oak, Image : Wikipedia

Haunted Place #3: Dr. John R. Drish House

Since the start of the 20th century, there have been reports that this place is haunted. There have been ghostly occurrences over the years. People have reportedly noticed that the third-story tower has been on fire, even when there is no possible cause of the inferno. They have also seen ghostly lights emanating from the house.

Dr. John R. Drish House
Dr. John R. Drish House, Image Source: Wikiwand

Haunted Places #4: Gaineswood

Gaineswood has a raging popularity. It has been haunted by the ghost of its housekeeper who was from Virginia. She looked after General Whitfield after the death of his wife. Her ghost has been supposedly been heard playing the piano in the music room.

Gaineswood, Image Source: ruralswalabama.org

Haunted Place #5: Kenworthy Hall

This hall near Marion has a tower room on the fourth floor. The ghost of a young woman has been spotted at the property innumerable times. She sits by the window awaiting the return of her lover who passed away in the American Civil War.

Kenworthy Hall
Kenworthy Hall, Image Source: Wikipedia

Haunted Places #6: Pratt Hall

At Huntingdon College in Montgomery, there is this ghost of a Red Lady, who haunts the visitors even now. Huntingdon was infamous for being a Methodist female college. The Red Lady is said to be the ghost of girl who was lonely and depressed and committed suicide

Pratt Hall
Pratt Hall, Image Source: Facebook

Haunted Places #7: Pickens County Courthouse in Carrollton

This is an interesting relic. It is haunted by a ghost slave, Henry Wells, who was beaten by the mob after being guilty of setting the second county courthouse on fire. People have seen the ghost’s face on the window pane where it tries to prove its innocence. Some of the window pains even shatter after a repair. The window panes never remain intact.

Pickens County Courthouse in Carrollton
Pickens County Courthouse in Carrollton, Image Source: wikiwand

Haunted Place #8: Rocky Hill Castle

Heard about the lady in red who haunted the Pratt Hall? Rocky hill Castle has been haunted by a “lady in blue”. These are the ghosts of Civil War soldiers, who died fighting. Rocky Hill Castle has the ghosts of slaves who were tortured in its premises . Before being torn apart, there was knocking and banging in the house and nobody was found to be the culprit of this mischief. After a lot of exploration, it was deduced that this was a ghostly activity.

Rocky Hill Castle
Rocky Hill Castle, Image Source: Pinterest

Haunted Place #9: Sturdivant Hall

This property in Selma is a haunted attraction by the ghost of the proprietor, John McGee Parkman. Parkman, jailed by tax authorities for unproven embezzlement. He died during a breakout from Cahaba Prison in 1867. His ghost has been haunting the Sturdivant Hall ever since.

Sturdivant Hall
Sturdivant Hall, Image credit: Flickr

Haunted Places #10: The House By The Tombigbee River

The places and the terrain of the places near Pennington. It is allegedly haunted by a ghost ship Eliza Battle. The ship drops anchor on return, especially on cold, stormy nights to warn of the disaster that lay ahead. Captain James T. Staples appears near Bladon Springs.


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