Hair Wax Do-It-Yourself Idea

Hair Wax for Softer Skin
Honey – Silky Smooth Skin

Waxing or shaving the best way to nip off unwanted body hair from the bud. Waxing is often preferred over shaving, as it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Did you know your hair wax contains a chemical called calcium thioglycolate to strip the hair off the skin? This is why your skin gets irritated and is not very pleasant to smell. If you wish to go natural and not let go of your favorite method of waxing, make your own natural hair wax. This new method of hair removal will make your life smoother and stress-free.
Hair Wax To Remove Hair
Waxing is The Best Solution for Unwanted Hair

Ingredients for DIY Hair Wax Ingredients

  • 2 cup sugar
  • 1\4 cup lemon juice
  • 1\4 cup water
  • 2 to 3 drops of any essential oil for fragrance like tea-tree oil or lavender
Hair Wax Ingredients
Ingredients for Making Wax at Home

Cooking the Sugar

Boil water and add sugar to it. Bring down the heat and let the mixture simmer. Stir it constantly. Add the lemon juice and let it simmer until the mixture turns golden brown in color. It should have a syrup-like consistency. Don’t stop stirring as sugar can burn. If you have a candy thermometer insert it into the syrup. The temperature should be about 260 degrees Fahrenheit. Fill in a heatproof jar. Let it cool for at least 2 hours or so.

Cooking Sugar for Hair Wax
Cooking the Sugar for Waxing

Method to Apply

  1. Take a small quantity of the hair wax in a microwave proof dish. Heat it for 10 to 30 seconds to make the wax warm. If your wax is still warm, skip this step.
  2. Make sure that your skin is clean of any lotions
  3. Before the wax becomes too cold and hard take a little of it on a blunt knife and apply it in the opposite direction of your hair growth.
  4. Now gently press a fabric strip on it and pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth in one swift movement.

Hair Wax Method
Application of Wax on Hair

Voila! Waxing was never so easy and natural. You can store the extra hair wax in an airtight container with a lid. Keep it in the refrigerator. The cloth strips can be washed off under running water and reused again. This new waxing method will be easy on your pocket as well as your skin.
Caution: Do not burn your skin when waxing and hard wax can lead to skin tears.
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