Hair Care Beliefs That Actually Damage The Hair

When you are getting ready for some big day like your wedding people will always be out there to advice you about your looks including the way you dress, your style including some tips about your hair. Hair is the most important when it comes to your looks. People like to play with their hair supporting different looks & style. People have come up with different tips to do good to your hair but not all of them are true.
Here are some of the hair care myths that are actually false.

  • Combing enhances hair growth

    Combing your hair is important for tangle free healthy looking hair is true but overdoing the same may increase the chances of you pulling off your hair from your follicles making the strands week. It’s always preferred to use a wide tooth comb.

  • Shampoo can prevent hair getting oily.

    Getting oil over hair is a natural tendency that depends on the hormonal activity. Shampooing your hair will only cleanse your scalp and hair strands. In fact, too much shampooing can leave your hair brittle by sapping it off the natural, essential oil.