Habits Of Men That Women Are Jealous Of

You ask any woman and they will surely say that they aren’t less than men in any way and can compete with them at every point of life without any kinda fears. But then there are hidden secrets about men which make women jealous. 
Confused what am I talking about? So let’s reveal the hidden secrets and have a look at the things that men do which make women jealous :-

1. Buying undergarments is a 5 minutes task for men # Women need hours

Women jealous - Lingrie shopping
Lingrie shopping

Buying lingerie? It seems like women can go on and on and yet end up being confused whether to go for a sheer bra or a push-up bra. My boyfriend, umm? Will he like the hot pink net bra or should I stick to black his all time favorite. Confused? Oh trust me, lingerie shopping can be a pain in the ass. Men who hardly need 5-10 minutes for buying their undergarments. And then you want to know why we women are jealous of men?

2. Men eat, eat & eat yet don’t get obese like women

Jealous women - Man eating a burger
Man eating a burger

This is one big fat reason why even I being a woman secretly feel jealous of men. It’s like we hang out with men maximum amount of time, go at same places, eat the same food. Yet when it comes to getting fat, I guess women are fat’s favorite target and I am like UUGGHH! Surely now you wondering, WTF !! even the burger he ordered had extra cheese then how come he doesn’t gain like me?

3. Pee anywhere you like # The men freedom # Makes women jealous

Women jealous - Men dont have to wait in queue
Pee anywhere and anytime

When a woman needs to pee, it’s like run, find a washroom and worse part is waiting in the long queues at times. You understand that feel of “waiting sucks” especially when you need to pee so badly. But on the contrary men have this super awesome advantage that they can pee anywhere in open without even feeling shameful about it. All they got to do is unzip, take their little soldier out and pee. Done! Over! Relief! And then you say how come women are jealous?