Gym And Makeup Don’t Gel Together

Gosh, the very idea of going to the gym is to make hearts throb and heads turn, to increase the flow of blood, to put a blush on chubby cheeks and dimples on double chins. Exercising hard, religiously, trying to reach perfection, health savvy, but what if someone tells you that all these efforts are wasted if you apply makeup and then go for exercising in the gym. Let us see how and why gym and makeup don’t gel together.

Gym without Makeup
Exercising At The Gym

Rosey lips and made up cheeks

An absolute no, experts really feel that going to the fitness center, with a makeup does more harm than good. A well made up face does nothing to improve your health benefits at the health club, in fact, it increases your chances of catching various skin ailments while you are busy working out on the treadmill.

Makeup Free Gym
Fitness at The Threadmill – Gym Without Makeup

Makeup and the gym do not go hand in hand.

A common fact about any form of exercise is that whenever one exercises, one tends to sweat. The sweat glands in our body start to perspire to remove the excess salt built up when we are working out or exercising. The foundation that we apply to our skin or the moisturizer, which we apply, contains an ingredient by the name of silicone. This reacts with the sweat from our body, causing harmful bacteria build up in the pores of our skin. This hinders the skins cooling process, causes the skin to break out into eruptions, and makes it acne prone.

Gym and Healthy Skin
Do You Wear Makeup to the Gym?

Really, makeup is bad for the skin, especially at the gym

Skin being the largest organ of the body, plays the key role in regulating the body temperature and keeping the water in the body and keeping harmful pathogens out. When skin is heavily covered by chemical based makeup during a workout, it becomes clogged and is unable to do what it is supposed to do, that is BREATHE. This causes the skin pores to enlarge causing blackheads and it stops the toxins in your body, which you are trying to throw out by working out so strenuously, from being released due to the chemical barrier, which you have spread across your skin in the form of makeup.

Gym Sans Makeup
Healthy Body Gym Regularly

A washed out look, for a healthier you

Every time one decides to start working out, either at home or at the health club, the first thing to do is to wash ones face clean and the next thing to remember is that as soon as one finishes working out one must again wash ones face clean and pat it dry. This is the mantra for a healthy body and a healthy skin. Using organic beauty products is the best way of keeping ones skin free of harmful bacteria onslaughts.

Lifestyle and Gym
Healthy Lifestyle at the Gym

Make your skin glow while your body is toned and fitter. Remember that just to hide the tension of the day or just to look pleasant at the health club is not as important as keeping one’s skin germ free and healthy. Makeup is used to enhance the skin. But it should be avoided when one is exercising and working out. Mascara makes the eyelashes thicker and the eyeliner defines your eyes, but do not forget that they also bind the pores of your skintight and prevent them from breathing in the oxygen, which is an important part of a healthy body. Say no to clogged pores and a big hello to a healthy and smart body. Workout at the gym freely and cheerfully with a natural look.
Feel healthy and look healthy.