Gujarat Millionaires Are Working As Laborers

What will you do if you become a millionaire overnight? Most of us will plan a tour with our friends or beloved partners, but Dharmendrasinh Vaghela, a 31-year-old man still works as a grinding machine operator, in a factory in Sanand, Gujarat and earns a salary of Rs. 15,000 per month. Adding to the surprising part, he has Rs. 2 crores in gold and banks deposits.
He’s not a corrupt being, neither he has stolen the money.
It all happened when Tata Motor’s Nano plant was removed from Singur, West Bengal and moved to Sanand, Gujarat. He’s one of those who became millionaires overnight.

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So it might have occurred to you that how did this happen?

When Tata Motors shifted its plant to Sanand, they had to provide money as compensation for those who owned that land. The land which is acquired by Gujarat government for over seven years is approximately 4000 hectares in size and made the everyday labourers like Vaghela millionaires overnight.

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When Tata Motors had set up their plant, these land owners got a jackpot of about Rs. 2000 crores.
Now Sanand which was once a small town has witnessed a quick industrialization when the firm shifted its plant from Singur, West Bengal in 2008. After this shift, around 200 small and medium scale industries have set up their units in the special economic zones which are under the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation. The labourers who went from Rags to Riches overnight stored their money in bank deposits or in form of land and cash.
Raviraj Foils Ltd in Sanand, has employed 300 workers and out of these about 150 have more than Rs 1 crore in their bank accounts. These millionaires work for a mere salary of Rs 9,000 to Rs 20,000 per month.

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Shailesh Thakkar, secretary, Sanand Industries Association says “There are many units in Sanand that employ millionaires as workers. At one point of time, all units were hit with high rate of attrition as these workers quit jobs after receiving crores of rupees for their land. Thankfully, many have returned to work“.
Retaining labour is a major challenge for us. We have to be very cautious in dealing with workers as these jobs are no longer their primary source of income. Only carrot policy works, stick has to be spared”, says Jaydeepsinh Vaghela, chairman and managing director, Raviraj Foils.
So after getting a lot of cash in their pockets these recipients went on getting expensive stuff, but soon after this sudden windfall they stopped, only to realize that empty mind was devil’s workshop.

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Jagatsinh Vaghela 38, who had earlier resigned from his job says “A man without work is nothing less than a live bomb,”.
At least We Can Say This Is The Beginning Of “Achhe Din” For Gujarat.
News Source: Times Of IndiaEconomic Times