Guard Your Heart Against Injury With Exercise

When you are involved in a daily exercise routine, you are lowering the risks of heart attacks. In this way, you can guard your heart against strokes and heart attacks. For several years, physicians are trying to analyze the benefits of exercises for overall health. It has been proved that exercise is a great way to prevent your heart from any kind of injury. Scientists have concluded that it is the potential of the heart to release and store nitric oxide which is vital in protecting the heart. This can be ensured by regular exercising.

How you can guard your heart with exercise?

Do you know nitric oxide that is generated inside your body is very short lived? But it has the capacity to make your blood vessels feel relaxed. It also increases the flow of your blood to the heart. It is the combination of the chemical nitrite and nitrosolthiols, where via sulfur the nitric oxide inside your body is combined to the proteins. It acts as convertible storage tanks for the nitric oxide. This usually takes place when there is reduced flow of blood or limited amount of oxygen getting supplied in your body.

Guard your heart
Heart health

According to a research the result or the outcome is that the nitrite and the nitrosolthiols acts more as the protection agents from the injuries that are caused by the heart attacks.
The research shows how you can actually guard your heart against injuries. It says that the nitric oxide that gets generated inside the body while doing exercise is actually stored in your blood stream and heart in the form of nitrite and nitrosothiols. They are considered as more stable nitric oxide. They play a crucial role in providing protection against potential heart attacks.

The revelation of the mice experiment

Guard your heart- mice on wheel
Mice running on wheel

Timing is very important! So you have to make sure that you maintain good timing while exercising. This is because the benefits of exercise might not last for very long. This was revealed from the mice experiment that was carried out by scientists and researchers recently. The researchers unveiled that the mice that ran on wheel for 4 weeks got protection against coronary artery. Once the artery got blocked, the degree of injury of the heart muscle from the blockage was lesser because of the 4 weeks workout. In fact, the mice were protected against heart related issues for the next 7 days even after the wheel was removed.
It was found in the experiment that endothelial NOS (eNOS) enzyme levels are increased due to the exercises that produce nitric oxide. In fact, it was also revealed that the percentage of eNOS found in the heart tissues accompanied by nitrite and nitrosolthiols within the heart tissue and blood stream remained even after the 7 days exercise was stopped. This is unlike any other heart enzymes that gets activated by exercises. The protecting aspect of the exercise didn’t last beyond 4 weeks when the nitrosothiols and nitrite levels within the hearts get reverted to the base lines.
The mice used in the experiments don’t feature the eNOS enzymes. Henceforth, their heart was not shielded against the heart artery blockages from the workouts, even when the mice seemed to have lesser potential to work out as compared to the regular ones.
Guard your heart with exercise

There is another molecule that is regarded as vital for experiencing workout benefits. It is the beta-3 adrenergic receptor. It allows your body cells to respond to the epinephrine and norepinephrine hormones. It is the effect of the stimulation of the receptor that might be initiating eNOS. Thus, to sum it all up, exercise is crucial to guard your heart against any kind of injuries. So, ditch that couch and start exercising now!
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