Glasses Are A Pain In The A$$!!

Eyewear can be a pain in the a$$, and this statement can be justified only by those having a first-hand experience of the same. Though these glasses help correct our eyesight and allow us to see properly, but it poses a whole lot of other problems right in our faces. And for most of these problems, though solutions exist, but the need to repeat these solutions irritate the hell out of us, but then again, we are helpless. Listed below are a few of these numerous problems.

1. Fogging

Glasses: Fogged
A pair of fogged glasses

Ever witnessed the fog on your spectacles that stick on the glasses whenever you step out of an air-conditioned room or try to smell the food you are cooking while trying enacting Masterchef? Well, this is actually the most common problem that people with spectacles have to face. And the worst part is trying to clean them as the fogging leaves water stains all over. So, good luck with that!

2. When you lose your glasses

Glasses: Lost
Velma looking for her glasses

We can bet that there must have been a few moments in which, you kept your glasses somewhere and couldn’t remember the place. Due to this, you start roaming around looking for them like a zombie looks for other humans, hands at shoulder level up in the air, waving here and there! And there is a high probability that you might have stepped on those glasses looking for them.

3. Sleeping on the side

Glasses: Sleeping on side
Sleeping on side with glasses on

Sleeping on the side is not the most comfortable thing for people who wear glasses. Usually, the eyewear slips as soon as you rest your face on the pillow. It even starts hurting, and that is the moment when you realize that you have to remove them.

4. Can’t find the comfortable spot

Glasses: Reading
Special glasses that allow you to read while lying down

When you come home after a long day’s work, or when you decide to just read a novel and/or plug in your earphones, you are going to have a big-time problem in finding the right spot where you could easily rest your head and read. Mind it, resting the head on one side is NOT going to help!

5. 3-D Movies

Glasses: 3-D
3-D movies are just not for us

Those bleeding 3-Dimensional movies are the worst thing that has been devised for people who wear glasses. With weak eyesight, we have to wear our prescription glasses, and to top that off, the movie complexes provide us with 3-D glasses, that we have to wear above them. Not the best experience, I must say.

6. Dancing

Glasses: Slipping
It is easy for them to slip

There is an added tiredness to dancing when you wear spectacles. Everytime your jam comes up and you start jumping over it, your spectacles would just fall off or slip from your face. This means you will have to keep one hand on the spectacles and the other in the air while performing those great moves. The glasses will even slip off when you are exercising or working out!

7. Breaking Them

Glasses: Broken
Broken glasses are the worst

And when the spectacles break, we do have a hard time getting over the fact that it will take a couple of days for the new spectacles to get delivered. We start acting like we have been blindfolded, without the blindfold though! And if one is a student, it becomes even harder on him as he has to ask every other thing written on the board from the person sitting next to him. Indeed a tough time.
For people with weak eyesight, spectacles are a blessing in disguise! Though it creates a lot of problems, but just imagine a life without these eyewear. And above all, how about making people jealous with that nerdy look?