Checkout These Amazing DIY Lamp Ideas.

Are you bored of looking at your same old lamp but don’t know what to do with them? Worry not! You won’t have to throw them out.

Use these simple and inexpensive DIY lamps Ideas and give your home a fresh look with your own customized lamps!

  • Graphic Tissue Lamp:

    Buy a roll of graphic tissue. Use Fevicol or Mod Podge to stick it neatly over the shade. Leave even space at the edges by using a masking tape. Viola!

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  •   Map It Up:

    The procedure used is more or less the same. The white coated base does increase the lamp’s appeal.

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  • Fancy Chic Lampshade:

    All you need for this lamp is a few different pieces of fabrics, a needle, thread and some glue. Take all the pieces of fabric and cut them according to the length of the lampshade. Sew each fabric at its middle and stick both ends inside the shade. Use tiny trinkets if you like.

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  • Vintage Doily Lampshade:

    Get a few doilies and a strong lampshade structure. Start by folding one over the top edge of the frame and stitching it there. Repeat the procedure the edge is covered. Now stitch more pieces to the structure. The end result should look something like this.

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  • Potato Sack Lampshade:

    You would not believe what change an old potato sack can bring to your old lamp.

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  • Old Sweater Lampshade:

    Take an old sweater and pull it over your  lampshade. Keep it in line with the bottom edge. Cut it from the top and paste the sweater’s edge over the lamp’s  edge. Pretty wintry, isn’t it?

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  • Painted Lampshade:

    The best ideas are often the easiest. Just paint your old white lampshade to a darker color and see the change it brings to the room.

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  • Painted Lace Lampshade:

    Paint the lampshade in the color of your choice. Now take a lace and cover the lampshade with it. Spray paint over it and remove the lace. This is what it would look like. Here yellow is the base color and spray paint is blue in color.

  • Satin Ribbons Lampshade:

    Two satin ribbons, a drum shaped lampshade and this is what you get.

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  • Fabric And Ribbon Lampshade:

    Stick the fabric of your choice along the seams of a plane drum lampshade. Cover both edges with a ribbon of your choice. Yepp! it’s that easy.

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  • Stencil Lampshade:

    Put a beautiful stencil over your lampshade and use craft paint to trace it. Remove the stencil while the paint is wet. Your beauty is ready.

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  • Straight Roped Lampshade:

    Wrap and glue a rope horizontally over your old lampshade. Let it dry and you have a goodnight lamp in your hands.

  • Glittery Lampshade:

    Glue some glitter all over your lampshade and see the difference.

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  • Printed Graphic Lampshade:

    Take a printable fabric. Print the design of your choice over it and cut it into sections in sync with the size of your lamp. Paste these over the lampshade.

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  • Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade:

    Take a ribbon and stick it in a ruffled fashion in parallel lines along the area of lampshade. Your lamp should look something like this.

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So What are you waiting for? Go Revamp your lamp!