Ghosts Of The Horror Movies Looks In Real Life

Well, there are so many instances when a terrific actor has been subjugated to play something that is beyond her/his normal capability. These roles have something excruciating extremely catchy about them. These roles are of horror movies or thrillers, where an actor’s skill is tested to the extreme? Why do you think its perilous for the actor. That’s because they have to carry tons of make up and prosthetic. This leads to make the role more special.
Here are few actors who have actually taken the other world rule to show off their artistic prowess.

1. Joseph Bishara/Bathsheba – The Conjuring

Well, hats off to Joseph Bishara for being able to play this extremely testing role with ease. In the movie, he plays a ghost who haunts the families who shift into “its” house.
Joseph Bishara - Bathseba - 1

2. Daveigh Chase/Samara – The Ring

This hot looking beauty changed her getup to such an extent just to portray a ghost. She plays the ghost who kills people who watch a spooky video.
Daveigh Chase - Samara -2

3. Mikhael Speidel /Billy Michaels – The First Born Son

Well, he is a brilliant actor and has a lot of potential for creepy movies. In the movie, he plays the role of Billy Michaels who was shot down with an arrow.

4. Daniel Wesley/Jimmy “The Gambler” Gambino – The Torso

He played the role of a boxer who was cut to pieces because he lost a wager. Well, he seemed to play the role to perfection in the movie.