Ghosts Of 6 Million Dead People Welcome You At The Catacombs Of Paris !!

Needless to say, the horror stories related to the place are infinite. People have witnessed souls popping out of the ground, which has attracted historians and researchers tear apart the place for such clues and instances. This is another reason, other than this being a big-time tourist attraction, that the catacombs remain overcrowded about all of the times. The ground rules of the place also recommend NOT to follow any ghost if found, as the catacombs are spread over an area of 300 kilometers while the area opened up for public display is just 2 kilometers. Cases of people getting lost in the tunnels have been surfaced, and it is also said that it took about a decade to find the remains of the lost personality.

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Parts of the tunnel are still undiscovered and hence, rendered to be extremely dangerous. Some even believe that discovery of one working movie theater has been made underground, while a few others believe that the tunnels act as the hiding and chilling place for a few drug addicts. Well, whatever the reason might be, if you leave the periphery of those two kilometers and enter the area restricted for visiting, legal prosecution might follow you along with a provision of spending a few nights in jail.

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So, if you are planning to come to this beautifully dreadful place and spend a night here, you would never want to spend the next MANY nights in jail. Hence, stick to the rules if you ever visit this place, and enjoy the company of 6 million guests that won’t speak much. But do remember, ghosts do speak when they feel agitated! So if you hear any such voices, don’t worry, just start panicking!