Ghosts Of 6 Million Dead People Welcome You At The Catacombs Of Paris !!

Imagine spending a night with 6 million people right by your side, each of them staring at you right in the face! An awkward situation it might be, right? Now imagine the same scenario, with the only change being the millions of people being dead, the skulls from the buried bodies staring you while you try to have a good night’s sleep. We can bet that you won’t be able to get any dreams, and even if you do, they will be lot less horrifying than the scenario you will be stuck in.

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This scenario does seem a bit overrated and over-hyped, and above all, impractical. But the famous Bed and Breakfast company, Airbnb, Inc. had something far more interesting in their mind. They took hold of the catacombs of Paris, which are 20 meters below the street level, and spent a whopping $400,000 just for the renovation of this place. The place now has a stretch of skull-lined tunnels spread over an area of 300 kilometers, though only a couple of kilometers has been opened up for public.

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It was in October 2015 that Airbnb opened up applications and invites for people interested in spending a night at this renovated property. The reason behind renovation was obvious, which being no one would have liked to stay in the property with bed being the grave of someone, and the mattress being the bones of the deceased. So it was for the best that they renovated the catacombs. And the number of entries received for being the first living residents of the place was just overwhelming. Source:

The catacomb is nevertheless, open for visitors, who can simply buy tickets, climb down a few stairs, and roam around in this graveyard of ecstasy, though they are not usually allowed to spend a night here. As soon as the stairs are descended, a long narrow hallway with no bones at all will welcome and prepare for the amount of bones you are going to witness at the next instant. Ossuary welcomes you with a warm hug of bones as soon as you finish walking through the first tunnel. Tons of bones can be found in the place, touching which is sure enough, against the rules.

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One might wonder how bodies of about 6 million people were buried here. For those enthusiasts, a life awakening lesson will be that these 6 million people whose bones can now be found in the location, were not originally buried here. The bones were brought in from the cemeteries throughout Paris in the 18th century and stacked in a perfectly arranged manner.

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