Ghosts Dine With You At The Haunted Castle Château de Brissac!!

Château de Brissac is a château in Brissac-Quincé commune of Maine-et-Loire, France. Originally built as a castle back in the 11th century, it still remains on the ground it was build on with high spirits. It was built by the Counts of Anjou. The structure was rebuilt in 15th century by Pierre de Brézé, a chief minister of the King Charles VII of France. The castle was acquired by a few more people, until in the 15th century, only when King Rene of Anjou renovated this beautiful castle into an even more beautiful château.

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The history of this château converted castle, even after the 15th century, has numerous ups and downs with the monument even being abandoned for a time period, but the history that remains the most prominent is the presence of a ghost in this place. The tale of this ghost of La Dame Verte dates back in 1462 when Jacques de Brézé, the son of Pierre de Brézé, was all set to marry Charlotte de Valois, King Louis XI’s half sister, or more of the illegitimate daughter of Charles VII. The marriage was arranged under political pressure.