Ghost Encounter At The "Karikattukuppam" Ghost Beach Of Chennai Will Give You Chills !!

India is a country full of paranormal experiences. Life is full of turmoil, but some poor souls experience it after they have left the mortal plane. They stay here to haunt the realm of the living. Some of them are good but others are responsible for the ravaging the pleasurable life of humans. Why? That’s because they lust for the happiness and want their desires to be fulfilled. The ones those who don’t make it to the gateway and remain here as invisible forces, are called ghosts.

Image source: alchetron

A Real Ghost is more scarier than ghost fiction. Here is a spine chilling experience from Chennai.
There was a report about a paranormal sighting from a man in his early twenties. He was partying with his friends on ‘The Ghost Beach’. The beach had earned the famous moniker after the entire village was swept off due to the tsunami in 2004. Nobody in the village survived. After the incident, there were multiple incidents of paranormal sightings. Hence, the beach earned its name.