Ghost Caught On Camera

Ghost Caught On Camera, we bring to you the most horrific video. Its a rarity to experience  ghosts on CCTV. What if you get a chance to see ghosts on camera? That is one of the most horrific experiences. Why so? That is because you get to realize that you are not walking alone. There is always an unknown entity lurking around you.

Ghost caught on camera
Real ghost captured

In fact, you won’t believe what these people saw. There was a paranormal sighting in Nashville, Tennessee. It was around midnight. The CCTVs were scanning the entire property. The security guard on the night shift was lazing around with a cup of coffee in his hand, when he noticed something. Suddenly, the security guard saw something that made him drop the coffee.

The Ghost Caught On Camera Showed In This CCTV Footage

What he saw was a poltergeist. He was scared enough. He somehow gathered strength and called his companion. What they saw sent them swooning. A poltergeist, probably a child because the overall structure of the ghost was similar to that of a dwarf. It kept on zipping forward just like the Marvel Superhero character Flash. It went on for an hour. The video clipping is from that footage.
Now the office has a lot less employees than it had started with. Even the owner has sold the After all, who would love to work in a haunted place.
Here is the infamous ghost camera capture:

A lot of people have submitted their video responses on ghost camera capture as well. We will keep you posted on them.