Ghost Camera Capture At A Construction Site

India is a country famous for its supernatural experiences. In fact, you will get to hear about many paranormal experiences. Here is another ghost camera capture.  After all, that place is so full of people. It would have a lot of ghosts as well. There are so many ghost sightings, you would have a hard time keeping a track of such instances.
The biggest problem is India’s high population. It has lead to a lot of encroachment. In fact, contractors are choosing haunted sites like cemeteries or graveyards, which is a natural breeding ground for ghosts or souls which are not satisfied and are still stuck in the realm of the living.

Ghost Camera Capture
Ghost on the camera

Finding all this stuff hard to believe?

Here is a CCTV capture which will give you the creeps. It has been recorded from a building that is in front of a construction site. Since, it was built on a graveyard site, there have been several instances of paranormal sightings. The watchman who guards the construction site by night has a lot to say, but we will keep that for another day. Now we will just focus on this ghost camera capture.

This Ghost Camera Capture Still Gives The Chills

This was a regular recording for an office. When the security staff saw the recording, they were blown out of the mind. It was like a faded silhouette of a man, who was walking on the street and then it entered the construction site. As it approached the building, it vanished into thin air. Now that was an awesome ghost camera capture.
What have you got to say about that? I am absolutely petrified looking at this video footage. Heck, I wish I don’t have to watch it again.