Getting Married? You Think You Are Ready? Try Answering These Questions

Thinking of tying the knot? Getting married? Is marriage on your mind honey? Made up your mind to marry that special someone you’ve been dating or is confusion still bothering your heart and mind? Is he/she surely the one you are looking forward to spend your life with? Is this the right time or do we need more time to decide?
So many infinite questions strike the mind when we think of tying the knot isn’t it?
If you can answer these 6 questions, you are surely ready to tie the knot but just in case these questions seem to be mystery to you, re-think, may be you aren’t really ready for marriage-

1. Do you feel you can create that dream married life with this person?

Couple wedding

Who doesn’t dream about a perfect and happy married life in those magical dating phases? We all do right? But the question here is that the person you are actually thinking to tie knot with, is he/she really the one with whom you feel you can create that life which in your view is a happy married life? Do you finally feel that this person is the one who will not only create but also turn that perfect idea into perfect reality.

2. WHY? Why do you wanna get married?

Will you marry me

Why do you really wanna marry? Is it because the society expects to you to marry or is it your own soul that asks you to get into this commitment called marriage? Is it the love between you and your partner that makes you feel that you wanna tie the knot or is it just another “You are supposed to do it factor?” Whatever it is, you need to be clear about it before getting married.

3. How about the fights between you both? How do you fight?

getting married -Pillow-Fight
Couple fights

We know it too well that after marriage, situations and circumstances surely arise which are unfavourable and you both will somehow end up fighting. That’s kinda obvious, you both will fight and its natural. But the point is which track these fights take? Is it ego that rules or love that overpowers? Is it a win-lose situation that matters or showing love in spite being upset that matters to you?